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Webinar highlights - supercharging candidate attraction using the Job Board Marketplace

For those that could join us and for those that couldn’t, we’ve put together the highlights from our recent clients-only webinar with VONQ. You can watch the full recording or catch up in the story below – don’t forget to use your FREE LinkedIn job advertising post toomore details below.

Introduction to VONQ and the Job Board Marketplace

Our Job Board Marketplace leverages VONQ's technology, giving access to over 2,500 media channels globally, ranging from generic job boards to niche channels aimed at targeted campaigns when quality over quantity of candidates is needed. Through VONQ's purchasing power, many channels are available at discounted rates and often part of bundles, helping you with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Data-driven recommendations

The data-driven recommendations in our marketplace are informed by several key data points. These include the popularity of job boards across VONQ’s client and partner base and their performance data, such as clicks and engagement with similar job types and regions. For newer or less frequented job boards, VONQ uses an internal classification system based on factors like region, industry and job function, ensuring a thorough and targeted recommendation process.

The challenges in the current job market

There are several challenges – a fast-moving candidate market, a high percentage traffic to job boards is via mobile and the predominance of passive candidates who aren't actively job searching (70% of candidates are passive). Getting over these challenges requires concise job descriptions and a strategic plan to capture candidates' dwindling attention spans.

Active and passive candidates

It’s worthwhile considering who your target candidates are. Are they likely to be active or passive candidates? We assume that active candidates are typically visiting mainstream job boards like Totaljobs or Indeed to actively look for jobs. In contrast, passive candidates are not actively looking. They might be found on destination sites, such as news websites or blogs that also feature job advertisements. The marketplace taps into these niche channels, focusing on attracting quality candidates rather than merely increasing the quantity of applications.

How the Job Board Marketplace addresses market challenges

  • For those unsure about the best job board or channel for their advert, the marketplace suggests the most suitable channels based on the job details added when you create the job in Jobtrain.
  • Budgeting and tracking ad performance is simple too. The marketplace offers flexibility, so you only need to buy ads when they’re needed. 
  • As with any other job advert in Jobtrain, you can track the performance of each advert automatically.
  • Simplified advertising process – everything is centralised within Jobtrain, therefore eliminating the need for multiple complicated contracts and platforms.

Exploring the recommendation engine in the marketplace

The recommendation engine offers access to individual job boards and job board bundles both for generic roles or tailored to specific sectors like Healthcare or IT. Bundles are also offered at discounted rates. This feature not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also enhances targeted advertising efforts.

Additionally, we’re pleased to offer a limited time offer of a free LinkedIn posting to help our clients familiarise themselves with the marketplace's features. 

Be quick, this offer expires on 6th July 2024!

In the Job Board Marketplace (head to the post the job section in Jobtrain) use the job post - LinkedIn – Job Posting – Light. This will add the post to your company’s LinkedIn page and the jobs section in LinkedIn. Simply make the initial payment, then tell your CIC (Continuous Improvement Consultant) or our support team and we’ll arrange the refund.

How to get a free Linkedin campaign

  • Choose a job you want to advertise
  • Purchase the LinkedIn - Job Posting - Light
  • Inform your CIC or our support team of the purchase
  • Get a refund

This is a limited time offer until 6th July 2024!

Integration and payment options within Jobtrain

The Job Board Marketplace is fully integrated into our Jobtrain system. It offers a seamless experience from job posting to payment, with flexible payment options through either a company credit card transaction or invoicing. If you’d like to arrange invoicing, contact our support team or your CIC and we’ll be happy to arrange this.

Bundles and packages

Available only in the Job Board Marketplace, you'll be able to find discounted job board bundles. These are always at discounted rates so why not give them a try and see how different job boards perform? See the image below for a quick view of what's on offer (wondering what the prices are? See our note below).

LinkedIn performance packages are also available exclusively through the marketplace. Using LinkedIn's pay-for-performance tech, these options provide flexible pricing to match jobs with the right investment level for the best results. Just choose one of these packages: LinkedIn Job Promotion - Small; LinkedIn Job Promotion - Medium; or LinkedIn Job Promotion - Large to get started. (See our note below with regards to pricing). 

The prices of bundles, packages and singular job posts vary depending on the job being advertised. Prices can easily be seen on screen in the Post the Job section of Jobtrain before you choose where to advertise.


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