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In the current climate, we know how difficult it can be to attract quality candidates to apply for jobs - that’s where our Job Board Marketplace comes into its own. It allows you to reach not only active candidates, but passive ones as well, right where they spend most of their time! 


With access to 5000+ job boards worldwide and a recommendation engine that highlights the most relevant job boards to advertise on based on the role type and location, you've got your recruitment strategy nailed locked from all angles. Better yet, we've already negotiated the contracts with all the job boards, so that's also one less thing to worry about!

The video below gives a flavour of what the Job Board Marketplace can do for you.

What's included in this guide


Setting up payment methods

To use this feature, you will need to specify a payment method.


These are managed on a per-user basis and should ideally be setup before using it, however this can also be done during the checkout process which is covered later in this guide.


To add/manage these, click on the circle in the top right corner with your initials.




Then select User Settings.


Click on Payment Details and then Set Up Payment Details.



This will start the process of creating an account with the payment provider.



Populate the information requested and then select Continue



Select a payment type from the dropdown and click Add to finalise the payment details. 


Add an email address.


After adding your payment card details select Save card.


Clicking Save will take you back to the User Settings page, where you can now see the payment method you’ve added. 


Any number of payment methods can be added or removed here as required. 



Payment methods can also be added during the checkout process, which is covered later in this guide


Adding your company logo

Here you can upload a logo to be displayed in your job adverts.


You can have either one company logo for all adverts or if preferred you can have a different logo for each department or division.

If you would like to have different logos for each department or division, please contact our support team who will be able to activate this option for you.

Go to Settings > General Settings > Job Board Marketing Logos.

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From here, you can add your company logo by clicking the Upload button.


There’s guidance above the table for image size and dimensions.


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Once the file has uploaded a tick will display in the File Uploaded column, and you can view the uploaded logo (opens in a new tab) by selecting the Preview button.

Adding different logos for each department / division

If you have opted to have different logos for each department or division, there is an upload button next to each option. If logos by department / division is enabled, you will need to upload a logo for each department.

Please note if logos by department / division is enabled, you will be required to upload a logo for each department.

The File Uploaded column will display a tick if a logo has been uploaded, so you can easily tell if one doesn’t have a logo.


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Additional Security role access setup

You can give access to Job Board Marketplace on a per Security Role basis. To provide access, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Security Roles > choose the relevant Security Role > Jobs & Talent Pools:


    Job Board Marketplace – Products – This will provide access to the product listing page, where products are         added to the cart.

  • Go to Settings > Security Roles > choose the relevant Security Role > Settings:


Job Board Marketplace – Logos – This will provide access to add the logos that should appear on the         Marketplace.


    Job Board Marketplace – Campaigns – This will provide access to add/view campaigns.


Using the Job Board Marketplace

Select the job to advertise from the list of jobs page. 


Edit job from the Actions menu on the left-hand side of the page. 



Then go to the Post the Job page.


Job eligibility criteria 

To post a job to the Job Board Marketplace, the job must meet the following conditions: 

  • The Advert Close date must be in the future
  • The Advert should be Live 
  • The Job status should be Live
  • The Job Advert must be open to External candidates.


If the job doesn’t meet these conditions the Marketplace section on the Post The Job page will not be visible until this has been remedied.

Posting to the Job Board Marketplace

On the Post the Job page, enable the toggle below to progress.


If the job already has campaigns against it, then you’ll see the toggle is already enabled.

By clicking Manage Advertising you’ll be able to see the list of campaigns against the job along with the option to Create New Campaign.

You’ll see a popup asking for Location and Job Title. This criteria will be used to find recommended products.



Once you have completed these fields select Continue.  



On this page, you’ll see the recommended products in a section at the top with a gold banner, and the other returned products below.


There are some additional filters on the left-hand side if you’d like to refine the results.

Please note, you can use either Job Title or Job Function on the left-hand side menu to filter for roles using the marketplace. 

If you have selected Job Title, Job Function will become greyed out and vice versa. 



To navigate between pages of products, use the Next Page and Previous Page buttons at the bottom of the page.

When you’re ready, select Add to basket for the products you would like to purchase. 


You’ll see the below confirmation message when the item is added to your basket. 



If you try to add a product with a duration that exceeds the closing date of the job (for example, if you choose one with a 60-day duration, but the job closes in 10 days) then it will display a warning message when you add it to the basket, and another warning message will be visible in the basket.

This is simply a warning, and the item will still be added to your basket for you to purchase.


At the top of the page is your basket and the total amount so far. 



Once you have finished adding the product(s) to your basket for purchase, click View Basket.


The Basket

The basket shows the items you’ve chosen, the duration, setup time and any extra time needed for first time setup. It also shows the prices pre and post VAT.


Export campaign as PDF allows you to download a PDF copy of your Basket. This is useful should you need to get approval / budget sign off to purchase the items.

Export campaign to PDF might take a few seconds to process.


Click Proceed to checkout to continue.



On the checkout page there are some mandatory fields and some that pull through from the Job Details. 

If a job has already had a campaign created for it, then those details will be saved (other than the Campaign Name), to make it faster to post the next campaign.



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  • Campaign Name is a required field that must be completed each time
  • Advert Title uses the Job Title for Candidates (from the Job Details page)
  • Advert uses the external job advert copy
  • Location uses the job location set in Job Details, but it can be altered for the posting
  • Contact information pulls in the current user’s details but this can be changed
  • The basket can be viewed from the button in the top right

Once all required fields are completed, select Next



Displayed here is an Order Summary where you can review what is being ordered, the price, and choose the payment method. 



If you have already setup payment methods these will be visible here to select from. 


To add a new payment method, click Add and follow the same process as detailed earlier in the document. It will bring you back to this page once you’re done. 


Select the payment method you want to use, then click Pay Now.

A message will appear telling you that you can’t edit the advert content after this point. It also acts as a confirmation/check to make sure you didn’t click it accidentally.


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To proceed click Continue.



You’ll see a payment processing message and then the Order Confirmation page once completed. 



Clicking Exit will then take you to the list of campaigns against that job.



You can view more information regarding the order of the product by selecting the 3 dots in the More column on the right.  


Clicking into any campaign will show additional information such as Applications, Clicks, Cost per Click, how much each posting cost, as well as a link to the job advert (if supported).



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This is also the page where you close a campaign (using the option in the Actions menu).

Adding additional logos

You can upload different logos for roles with each Department or Division selected within the job.


For example, if you are advertising a role in Communications, you can have a different logo attached to this than one you would use for an administration role.


If you would like to have the ability to upload an image per Department or Division, please contact our support team and request access to upload logos via either Department or Division.

If you would rather use one logo for all roles, no further action is needed as this is the default option and can be accessed by going to Settings > General Settings > Job Board Marketing Logos.

Seeing all campaigns

To view all the campaigns, across all jobs, go to Settings > General Settings > Job Board Marketplace Campaigns.



You can use the date filters to narrow down the search if required and print or export the page. 



Measuring advert performance

Source tracking is automatically captured, so both standard reports and Advanced Insight reports will include Marketplace advert source tracking via the usual reporting methods. 


There are also additional ways to measure performance, such as 'Job Board Marketplace Campaigns' in Settings which gives analysis of applications and Cost Per Click.



Can I print a confirmation of my order? 


Yes, you can print your order confirmation, which may be useful for your finance team. Go to Settings > General Settings > Job Board Marketplace Campaigns > Select your campaign > View Receipt.



How do I download a PDF copy of my basket? 

You can access this by adding the relevant Job Board to your basket: View Basket > Export Campaign as PDF.


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Is it possible to downloaded all receipts in bulk?

The overview of all payments can be found in General Settings > Job Board Marketplace Campaigns.


There isn't a facility to download receipts in bulk, however the total costs are visible as an overview and individual receipts can be downloaded here.

Is there a way to manage user access permissions for posting jobs on the Job Board Marketplace?

Yes, access to post jobs utilising Job Board Marketplace is controlled in security roles.


To manage access, go to Security Roles > Create / Update jobs > Scroll to the Post the job section and enable/disable Job Boards.


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I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.


For any questions about using Job Board Marketplace (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004.

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