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My job is not appearing on Indeed. Why?

For the job to appear on Indeed it must be in the live status, with a closing date in the future, set to show externally and be less than 90 days old.

It's still not appearing on Indeed - why?

We've detailed some possible reasons why below.

  • The above conditions have not been met

  • It may take a few hours for the job to appear. Indeed consumes the feed and refreshes the job content 4 times each day (every 6 hours from the time of the last request) so your job may not instantly appear on Indeed.

  • It does not adhere to Indeed's job posting guidelines.

  • The job has been live for more than 90 days.

  • Locations: The location to which the job is attached must have the CITY field completed within the location record in Settings > General Settings. If this field is not completed, it won't be accepted by Indeed. We would also recommend adding a postcode to the location record where possible. 

  • Locations: You have posted a number of roles with the same (or a very similar) job title in the same location / multiple locations of close proximity. Indeed considers this an abuse of free job advertising to improve the search ranking of free job adverts.

  • Reposting closed jobs:
    • If the job has already closed once, it cannot be re-advertised again on Indeed.

    • Once the job closing date passes, or 90 days have elapsed, the job will not be displayed. If after 90 days you try and repost it, it will still not display. 

      This is an Indeed enforcement and is not Jobtrain's. 

      In this scenario, please copy the job and repost it as a new job. If you wish to prevent candidates who have previously applied from reapplying, you can either:
      • Reassign them to the new job: this prevents them from reapplying. Though if some time has elapsed since the job was first posted, they may be unhappy at not being able to apply, as for example their skills and experience may have improved in that time. 
      • Add a killer question to the job asking "Did you apply for this job previously in MMM-YY?" and set the answer YES as a FAIL
  • Duplicates: although Indeed receives your jobs from Jobtrain it also aggregates listings from other online sources such as other job boards, staffing agencies, major job boards and newspapers in our search results. This can result in unintended duplication. 

    If you believe your jobs are being duplicated by a source outside of your control, we would recommend reaching out to Indeed or contacting the source scraping jobs from your site to request they stop.
  • Advert content  
    • Contact details such as email addresses and web links are present in the advert copy. 

    • An image has been embedded in the advert copy. 
      You can include images into your adverts on Jobtrain, however you must use the Media Rich Advertising feature to add images rather than embedding them in the advert. 

    • Indeed will not accept nor display adverts for job fairs, future vacancies or talent pools, or any advert it deems not to be a genuine job.

  • Company page
    • You do not have a company page setup on Indeed. 

    • The company name on your Indeed company page does not match the company name you gave to Jobtrain upon implementing the system. You can check the company name given to Jobtrain in the footer of your candidate site. For more information on this please contact our support team. 

    • Someone past or present within your organisation may have previously contacted Indeed directly to request jobs are not displayed on Indeed. Therefore they could be receiving our feed but disregarding it at your organisation's request.

TIP: To locate your jobs on Indeed, type the name of your company in quotation marks within Indeed’s job search field in this format company:"company name"

For instance, if your company name is Jobtrain Care then you would type company:"Jobtrain Care" in Indeed's search.

Please click here for guidance on how to claim your company page on Indeed.

How to advertise a Remote job on Indeed

  • Displaying 'Remote' as a location is possible. Go to General Settings > Locations. The location name and city should be entered with 'remote' and no postcode.

    Please click here for further guidance from Indeed on posting Remote jobs

How to advertise a Nationwide job on Indeed

  • Displaying 'Nationwide' as a location is possible. Go to General Settings > Location. The location name and city should be entered with 'Nationwide' only, and the postcode should be blank.

    Please click here for further guidance from Indeed.

Did you know that Indeed and other free job board feeds place a limit of 20 free jobs per day.

Indeed guides

If you have any further outstanding queries, you may find the following guides from Indeed helpful.

Indeed General Product Policies

Indeed Job Posting Standards

Contacting Indeed

If you are an existing Indeed client, you can reach out directly to your Indeed Client Success Specialist.

If you don’t already have an Indeed account/ CS Rep, you can request help by contacting Indeed’s support team.

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