Release notes: Indeed Direct Apply - pre-assessment, Equal Opps, ECNI questions

Modified on Wed, 11 Oct, 2023 at 11:19 AM

We're excited to share a comprehensive update that introduces a range of new features and improvements, including mandatory 'Form Type' fields in Assessment Forms, enhanced Pre-Assessment questions and additional configuration options for Direct Apply Application Forms. 


These changes aim to provide you with more control and flexibility, ensuring that you can make the most out of our platform. Whether you're interested in customising your assessment forms or optimising your application templates, this guide will walk you through all the new functionalities.


These features all go live in Jobtrain on 11th October 2023.

Changes to Assessment Forms

What is it: A new field called ‘Form Type’ has been added to record the type of form that is being created.  

  • This field is mandatory when creating Assessment Forms
  • ‘Panel Shortlisting’ and ‘Timed Assessment’ Form Types will only be displayed if these features have been enabled

  • After choosing the ‘Form Type’, this will control which section it will display against in the Add a Job: Assessment page.   So, when adding/editing a job, the appropriate forms will display against the appropriate lookup field.
  • For historical forms where ‘Form Type’ hasn’t been allocated, these forms will continue to appear across all options in the Assessment section of Add/Edit a Job.

Read more here in our assessment forms guide – creating forms.


Pre-Assessment / Killer Questions

What is it: smart selections based on choosing Form Type.

  • If the Form Type selected is ‘Pre-Assessment / Killer Questions’ then:
    1. The question types available will be limited to: ‘Multi-Choice (One Answer)’ or ‘Multi-Choice (More than one answer)’
    2. We’ve added validation so users are prompted to provide at least 2 multi-choice options
    3. Validation has also been added to prompt users to indicate at least one correct answer
    4. When adding a new question from the Question Bank, it will only display and allow the addition of Multi Choice / Multi Select questions where correct answers have already been included


Read about pre-screening / killer questions.


Panel Shortlisting

What is it: smart selections based on choosing Form Type.

  • If the Form Type selected is ‘Panel Shortlisting’:
    1. The additional ‘Shortlisting result to be displayed’ option will be displayed on the Form Details page
    2. When users select ‘Add New Question’ the ‘For Shortlisting use only’ section will be displayed 


The fields above are only available when Panel Shortlisting is chosen as a Form Type.


Read about panel shortlisting questions.


Direct Apply application form changes (Equal Opps)

What is it: within Settings > Application Templates > Direct Apply Application Form, we’ve added a new tab called ‘Equal Opps’ to configure.

  • Any Equal Opps questions configured here will be included as questions for applicants who apply via Indeed Direct Apply
  • Custom fields will be available to add into the application form in the same way as normal application forms - however the questions will be limited to only those question types that are compatible with Indeed Direct Apply. These are: Text, Multi-Choice (One Answer), Multi-Choice (More than one answer) or Date fields.
  • These questions will be switched off by default when this is launched.

Equal opportunities questions remain optional. If you don’t need to record equal opportunities information against all applications, you can leave the Equal Opps section of the Direct Apply Application Form blank by not enabling any questions. 

If no questions are activated in the Equal Opps section of the Direct Apply application form, candidates won't be required to provide this information.
  • Candidates’ responses to the Equal Opps questions will be saved against the 1st stage application form Equal Opps section.   Depending on your system configuration, this will be accessed within the ‘More’ menu or the Application Form kebab menu of candidates’ application records.
  • Existing Security Role controls will still apply, so only those users with access to view Equal Opps will be able to see the candidates’ responses.
  • Equal Opps responses from Direct Apply applications will be reflected in standard Equal Opps reports, dashboard graphical displays and in data that is available to report via Advanced Insights (BI Module).
  • If your platform is configured for Equal Opps questions to trigger indicator icons against candidates, the icon will display based upon the Direct Apply application responses (e.g. two ticks or disability icons can be triggered from the Direct Apply application).


Read more about equal opps questions for Indeed Direct Apply here.


2nd Stage Applications

What is it: Invite candidates who apply via Indeed Direct Apply to complete a 2nd stage application form, following the normal process.


If both the Direct Apply and 2nd stage forms include equal opportunities questions, candidates' responses to the standard Equal Opps questions from their initial Indeed application are automatically completed.


Candidates can change their answers, which will overwrite responses in both stages if changed.

Please note: If custom fields have been used in the Indeed Direct Apply application form these are not automatically completed and will need completing again by the candidate.

Read about 2nd stage applications using Direct Apply.


Direct Apply application form changes (ECNI)

What is it: further configuration relating to ECNI and Equal Opps.

  • A new Security Role item called ‘ECNI Equal Opps’ which will control access to:
  • ‘ECNI Equal Opps’ section of the Direct Apply Application form
  • The toggle Include ECNI Equal Opps on the Assessment Form page when adding/editing a Job.
  • The Direct Apply ECNI Equal Opps tab allows configuration of ECNI specific Equal Opportunities questions
  • Enabling the ‘Include ECNI Equal Opps’ toggle will send the ECNI version of Equal Opps to Indeed as application questions (instead of the default Equal Opps questions)

  • Candidates’ responses to the ECNI Equal Opps questions will be recorded and saved against the 1st stage application form Equal Opps section.  Depending on your system configuration, this will be accessed within the ‘More’ menu or the Application Form kebab menu of candidates’ application records.
  • ECNI Equal Opps responses will be reflected in all ECNI reporting capabilities in both Jobtrain standard reports and Advanced Insights (BI Module) ECNI reporting


Activation: If you require this feature to be switched on, please contact our support team to enable it in your Security Roles.


Read more about ECNI questions in Direct Apply here.


Indeed Direct Apply changes to screening questions

What is it: When a job is advertised that includes Killer Questions / Pre-Assessment questions, the job-specific pre-assessment form questions are now included in the screening questions sent to Indeed.

  • The order in which the questions will display to applicants on Indeed will be:
    1. Direct Apply application form
    2. Pre-assessment/killer questions
    3. Equal Opps questions
  • All killer/pre-assessment form questions are mandatory
  • Pre-Assessment pass/fail icons will display for against all candidates on the candidate listing page

  • The search/filter menu allows users to filter by pre-assessment form pass/fail, including Indeed Direct Apply applications

  • When configured against the Pre-Assessment settings of the job, automated Pass/Fail application status updates & automated emails to candidates based upon the Pass/Fail outcome will automatically take place after successful receipt of a Direct Apply application


Read about the candidate process here.

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