Reed Integrate with Jobtrain

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What's included:

What is Reed Integrate?

Working with, we have developed two new innovations to give job seekers on a better and faster experience of applying for roles with Jobtrain clients.

Why did we create this feature?

We’re working together to remove the friction and barriers that can exist in the application process, saving candidates’ time and increasing conversions from the job board to submission on Jobtrain.


We recognise that re-entering information such as name, address details and a CV that’s already saved on can be frustrating and even be the cause of some candidates not completing applications.

What's the solution and how will it work?

We have two solutions available, and we’ve explained how they work on the following pages. - Direct Apply 

If you have a problem with candidates completing applications or want to provide a quick and convenient experience for applicants but aren't concerned with having a full application initially, then Direct Apply could be the ideal solution for you.

How does it work?

When candidates view and apply to your job advert on, they simply click Apply Now. Their personal and contact information, along with their CV, are automatically sent to Jobtrain and will display as a new candidate against the job.


Using this method, candidates do not visit your candidate site, they bypass the registration and application form altogether along with any pre-screening questions entirely. They will still receive a personalised acknowledgement email from your Jobtrain ATS.


This method is ideal for hard to fill roles, where asking candidates to complete an application form could be seen as a barrier. It ensures a 100% conversion rate for applications from 

Is there anything I need to consider? 

Bear in mind that you’ll only receive the candidate’s name, contact information and their CV. A 2nd stage application form should be added to allow clients to invite candidates to complete additional information at a later date.


Bypassing the Jobtrain registration process, Direct Apply can potentially allow duplicate applications in Jobtrain. To remedy this, we’ve created an automated flag on the candidate listing page for any potential duplicate records, which allows you to check and compare these records and simply merge them if they are the same candidate. – Refer and Populate

If you’d like candidates to visit your own site to complete a full application but would still like to improve their experience and save them time, then this solution is for you.

How does it work? 

When candidates click to apply from the advert on they are automatically transferred through to your branded Jobtrain candidate portal.

To save time, the candidate's profile will automatically populate their Jobtrain registration and application form. Their CV stored in will be used and uploaded against their application, with the candidate completing the rest of the application form in the usual way. 

Jobtrain’s CV parsing will also pre-populate information from the candidate's CV into the application form to save even more time.

Watch our short video introduction

Reed Integrate and Jobtrain - removing barriers for candidates

Always accessible on mobile

Next, the posting of job adverts...


There are 3 ways:

  1. An automated feed in the background of all jobs
  2. Or where you want to pick and choose you can either have a direct post-to-reed integration
  3. Or you can use the job board multi-posting function (subject to credits at an additional cost).


There are pros and cons for each or different dependencies. We would highlight that the last two options (even though the last one uses credits) are the best as they allow you to post to only for selected jobs.


If it’s likely that you may wish to have the apply method as Direct Apply for some roles and Refer and Populate for others then the best posting option would be direct post-to reed as this allows you to select the apply method for each job posted. The other posting methods only allow for one apply method to be setup across your site.


If you are unsure on your preferred posting method and would like some advice on which solution is best for you, then please get in touch with your Continuous Improvement Consultant. 

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