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Designed to reduce candidate drop out, for any clients who have an active account with Totaljobs, our integration enables clients to post jobs directly to Totaljobs from within Jobtrain.


Candidates can use either a ‘one click apply’ feature to push their Totaljobs profile straight into Jobtrain, or to be directed to complete your application form in Jobtrain – it’s your choice.

This guide includes information on:

Posting & managing jobs


Direct Post

To access the Post to Totaljobs page, go to the Post The Job page of the job you wish to post. Click on the Post to Totaljobs sub tab. 


Simply work through this page and complete all the required fields. An overview of each field and what it does listed below:

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated



Job Title

This will pull through the “job title for candidates” that was added on the Job Details page. If you wish to change this, update the “job title for candidates” on the job details page and this will then update on this page. 


Job Ref 

This will pull through the job reference number from the Job Details page. 


Days Live

From the list select the number of days you wish for this advert to be live on Totaljobs. 



This will pull through the location added on the Job Details page, however it can be amended on this page. 


Post Code

This will pull through the postcode of the location that has been selected on the Job Details page, however it can be amended on this page. 


Hide Postcode

If this is toggled on then only the first part of the postcode will be displayed. For example, if the postcode was WA14 1EZ and you chose to hide the postcode, only WA14 would display on Totaljobs.



From the list select the relevant region.


EU only

Specifies whether the job can be viewed by candidates outside the EU.


Job Type

Select the relevant job type.


Apply Method

There are two options available here:

  1. DIRECT APPLY is a ‘one click apply’ feature where a candidate’s Totaljobs profile is pushed straight into Jobtrain
  2. REFER & POPULATE is where a candidate will be directed to Jobtrain to register and apply and information from their Totaljobs profile will populate parts of the application form.



This will pull from the content added on the advert copy page. You can review and edit this content here using the text editor.



  • Rate Unit: Select either Annual Salary, Daily Rate & Hourly Rate from the list
  • Salary Min: Select the minimum salary (this is used for search purposes only and is not visible to candidates)
  • Salary Max: Select the maximum salary (this is used for search purposes only and is not visible to candidates)
  • Salary (shown to candidates): This is the salary that is listed against the against the job and will be visible to candidates


Contact (all fields in this section are none mandatory)

  • Phone: If a phone number is listed here, it will display against the advert
  • Email: If an email address is listed here, it will display against the advert
  • First Name: If a first name is listed here, it will display against the advert


Totaljobs Template

If you have branding templates set up in Totaljobs they will be listed here and can be selected from. If you do not have these set up in Totaljobs then it will simply pick up the formatting from the description.


When you have completed all the required fields, the final step is to select Post The Job.


A message will then be displayed to advise the job has been successfully posted.

Please note it can take up to 10 minutes after posting a job for it to appear on Totaljobs and their affiliated sites.


Updating, refreshing & deleting jobs

After successfully posting the job, the following options will be displayed at the bottom of the page:


Selecting this button will delete the job from Totaljobs. It will no longer appear on the site and candidates will be unable to apply.

Please note, this action will only remove the job from Totaljobs.
To prevent candidates from seeing and applying for the job on your Jobtrain candidate site, on the Post The Job page toggle off both Advert Live and Enable Advert.


This effectively removes the current job and adds a new version.

If your current advert has expired and you wish to repost the job to Totaljobs, use the refresh option to repost the job.


This updates the current advert, useful if you are simply updating a job title or location. Use this method to update the following:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Postcode
  • Region
  • Job Type
  • Description
  • Salary Min & Max
  • Salary (shown to candidates)


The number of days live cannot be updated via this method, nor can the contact information or Totaljobs template. If you wish to update this information, use the Refresh option instead.



If selected this button will take you back to the Post The Job > Job Status page.

Application methods

Direct Apply

Direct Apply, often referred to as one click apply, pushes data from a candidate’s Totaljobs profile into Jobtrain.

Candidates click apply on a job in Totaljobs and their profile information (typically basic personal details and a CV) is automatically imported into Jobtrain as a new application.

Candidates are not transferred through to Jobtrain and bypass the registration, application form and any pre-screening questions entirely.

As candidates bypass the registration, this method will allow duplicate candidates into Jobtrain.

You may want to have a 2nd stage application so that you can invite candidates to complete additional information / assessment forms after their initial application.


Refer & Populate

With the Refer & Populate apply method, Jobtrain imports a candidate’s Totaljobs profile (typically basic personal details and a CV) to pre-fill much of the registration form and then parses their CV to complete as much of the application form as possible.





Which apply method is best for me?

Direct Apply is the quickest and most seamless method for candidates to apply via, though most candidates tend to only have basic personal details and a CV in their Totaljobs profile. This means that if you have a more detailed application form, then sections of this may be left blank.

We would recommend utilising the 2-stage application feature to support this apply method. This would allow you to capture basic personal details and CV at initial application and then use the 2nd stage application form to capture any additional information.


Refer & Populate will direct candidates to Jobtrain to apply for the role, whilst importing the candidate’s data from their Totaljobs profile to pre-fill much of the registration form. It then parses the candidate’s CV to complete as much of the application form as possible. If you require candidates to complete a more detailed application form at initial application, we recommend utilising this apply method.


How do I activate this feature?

Simply advise your Account Manager at Totaljobs that you will activating the Direct Post feature in Jobtrain and obtain the following information:

  • Username
  • Password

Once you have these please contact your Continuous Improvement Success Consultant who will then arrange for this to be switched on for you.

Please note, the username and password may differ from the details you currently use to manually post to Totaljobs or via the multi job posting feature.

I am getting the below error message when trying to post to Totaljobs, what does it mean? 

JOB\UNIQUEJOBNOTJ{job reference number} already exists so cannot be added


This means this unique job number has already been used on the Totaljobs site at some point and needs to be amended in order to post to Totaljobs.


Allowing users to edit the Job/Reference Unique Id will overcome the below error message if it ever appears.

To enable access to this field go to Settings > Security Roles > Create / update jobs > Post Job To Totaljobs.


Toggle on Can edit Job/Reference Unique Id


Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated


Editing this job reference does not edit the Jobtrain job reference number, purely the Totaljobs unique reference number.


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about using Post to Totaljobs (or any other Jobtrain functionality), 

please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004.

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