Using the Agency Portal

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What's included in this guide:

Adding a new agency

Select System Settings > General Settings > External Agencies.

Complete all details on the page and select the required Candidate Exclusivity period from the dropdown.


When the auto email to submit candidates is sent, this will go to the agency user on the main agency page, not the users added on the user tab.

If you would like the agency to have access to Jobtrain, ensure Is active is toggled on.

Press Save and several more sections will be displayed with more options to complete.


What do the sections/tabs mean?

  • Terms: Information is displayed to the agency (this cannot be edited by the agency)
  • Attachments: Add a document relevant to the agency (i.e. signed agreement).  The document is not visible to the agency
  • Users: Add New Consultant(s) and amend existing consultants’ details by clicking on the consultant's name. Tip: ensure the user 'Is active'.
  • Jobs: Displays the jobs the agency has been assigned to. You can remove access to the job(s) - jobs can also be assigned to an agency on this page. Notethe automated notification is not generated

Multiple users (consultants) can be added to one agency account.

All users log into the same portal/account and can see each other's candidates.  Agencies CANNOT see (or search for) candidates submitted by a different agency.

Agency application forms


For the email functionality to work fully, both the agency email address and the candidate's email address should be included in all agency application forms.

Ensure you use the above fields i.e., Candidate Contact Email and Agency Email Address.

Ideally, the candidate's email should be left as non-mandatory to allow agencies to receive initial communications about the role. The agency has an option to enter the candidate's email address at a later date when required.

Agency communications

By using the Email Agency option, emails can be sent directly to the main contact on the agency details page, without copying the candidate in.

If a candidate's profile has both their email address and the agency email address included, the agency will be CC'd into any email sent to the candidate unless you use the Email Agency option which emails the agency only.


Agency portal - client process

How to release jobs to agencies.

Add the job as normal. In the Job Access tab, add the relevant agencies.

Add the agency application form under the Assessment tab.

Releasing a job to an agency

The process of posting the job (by pressing Save & Close on the 'Post the Job' tab) will trigger the Invite to submit candidates email to be sent to the assigned agencies. This email will only be sent once, so if a job is closed and then re-opened in the future, the emails will not be sent again.


You can release a job to an agency at any point in the process. Just ensure you follow the above process. 


After candidates are submitted

Easily identify agency candidates by the red dot/hover. This will display the name of the agency that submitted the candidate. 

Agency portal - the agency process

The agency homepage will display several options:

List of jobs

Displays a list of Jobs available to this agency to submit candidates to (can also be accessed using the 'list jobs' section in the main menu).

Submitted candidates

Displays a list of candidates already submitted by this agency.

Your access details

Displays the agency user's details. An agency user can update their name, telephone number, username and/or password here and changes will pull through to the client side of Jobtrain against this user.

Apps per day graph

This is a real-time graph showing the number of candidate applications per day for this agency.

In the main menu, agencies can also search jobs, search candidates, review the FAQs section and review details stored for that agency by the client.

The 'Agency Name' and 'Terms & Conditions' sections are visible as read only and cannot be updated by agency users. 

On this page at the top of the job information, there is also a marker to show how many candidates have already been submitted to this role by that particular agency. When an agency submits a candidate, they will have to agree to an agency declaration.

After candidates are submitted by the agency, the candidate statuses will update in real-time.

Agency portal – the candidate experience

In the list of submitted candidates, the agency can withdraw a candidate, assign a candidate to a new role, update a candidate's email address and view emails sent to a candidate regarding a role.

For clients using the self-service calendar: if the candidate has been invited to interview, the calendar icon will appear and allow the agency to select a convenient interview time/date for the candidate.


Add Email Address: The agency portal has been designed to allow the agency to have full control of the candidate's application process until you require the candidate to complete online testing, onboarding etc.


Once the agency has added the candidate's email address, you can either reset the password so the candidate can log in (or) the candidate can request a forgotten password themselves.


Agency Archiving

The agency archive feature allows different archiving periods to be set for candidates submitted by an agency. Follow the steps below to activate and configure agency archiving as per your requirements.


Step 1: Create an agency archive email template. 

Go to:  Settings > Communication > Email Templates. See the merge field table below.


Step 2:  Update the candidate exclusivity on the main agency page.

If not completed, Jobtrain will revert to archive after 12 months of inactivity.


A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated


Step 3:  System customisation configuration

Navigate to Settings > System Customisation > Data Retention



Enable agency data retention process 

If set to Yes, this will include agency candidates in the data retention processes.

If set to No, the system will retain agency candidates despite their inactivity on the system.


Retention email

This email is sent to agency candidates when the set period of 'inactivity' against their candidate record has been reached. It enquires whether they wish to keep their data.


Exclude statuses 

To exclude agency candidates at specific statuses from the data retention process, add the statuses here.

Important - activate in the following order:

  1. Attach the archiving email
  2. Exclude any statuses in line with your own recruitment process
  3. Start agency archiving process = Yes 


Important - activate in the following order:
1. Attach the retention email
2. Exclude any statuses in line with your own recruitment process
3. Enable agency data retention process = Yes 



You must copy the exact details below and include <<     >>

Where does the information come from?


Main contact email address

(from the main agency page)


Agency email address 

(from the application form)


Candidate name from the application form


Job details page


Job details page


Job details page (if in use) 



Which emails go directly to the recruitment consultant and which emails go to the email address captured on the agency details page?

  • Invitation to submit candidate's email
    This email is sent to the agency email address captured on the Agency Details page
  • The closing date has passed email
    This email is sent to the agency email address captured on the Agency Details page

  • Agency acknowledgement email
    This email is sent to the email address captured on the application form as 'Recruitment consultant's email address'. If the candidate's email address has been captured it will send to both the candidate and the consultant

Where do the agency-related merge fields pull information from? When creating email templates in Settings > Communications there are two agency-related merge fields


A white box with black numbers

Description automatically generated

  • {Agency.AgencyName}: pulls through the agency name from General Settings > External Agencies > Agency details
  • {Agency.EmailAddress}: pulls through the agency email from General Settings > External Agencies > Agency details

These can be used in any emails to the agency and to any candidate applications that have been submitted by an agency.


What happens if the agency has only provided their email address in the application form? 

Emails will only be generated to the consultant's email address provided in the application form.  


What happens if the agency has provided its own email address and the candidate's email address too? 

Both the consultant (consultant's email address provided in the application form) and the candidate will receive the emails.


Who receives these (self-service calendar) emails? 

The same rules apply as above.


What if I change an agency candidate to a status with an email connected?

If both the candidate's and consultant's email addresses (consultant's email address in the application form) have been provided - both will receive the email. If the candidate's email address has not been provided, then the consultant (consultant's email address in the application form) will receive the email.


I have noticed the acknowledgement email to Agency candidates differs from the standard candidate acknowledgement email - why is this?

In System Customisation on the Emails tab, you can preset some emails that are generated to agency candidates and the agency. The emails you can preset include:

Email agency - what does this do?

This will send an email to the email address provided on the Agency Details page. 


CC to agency - what does this do?

This is defaulted to yes for all agency communications. It will send an email to the email address captured on the application form as consultant's email address - and to the candidate (if the email has been provided).

When I send emails, they are not being sent to agencies, but are sending to candidates – why is this?

Have you checked the correct email fields in the agency application form have been used?

To capture the agency email, the agency email address field must be used to capture the email address to send in the agency application form.


To ensure the candidate's email address is added correctly, the contact email field must be used to capture this information.


The ‘Invitation to submit candidates’ email has not been sent to the agency

Have you reopened this role? The email to submit candidates will only be sent once when the agency is first added to the role.


Have you added the agency after posting the job? If so, the email will not have been triggered. You should always click Save & Close on the ‘Post the Job’ page to trigger the email to be sent. 


Can I invite an agency candidate to complete their onboarding documents? 

Yes, you will need to generate a login to Jobtrain for the candidate in order for them to access the candidate site and review their onboarding docs. 

To do this, select the email password option within the candidate's record. The agency cannot view these documents and agree to them on the candidate's behalf.



Can an internal candidate who was previously submitted by an agency re-use the agency record to apply for internal roles?

No, they should create a new profile as an internal candidate.


Why is this?

This is because the agency record can be viewed by the agency that initially submitted the candidate. This record should not be deleted as the data needs to be saved for reporting purposes. 


What if the agency record holds the candidate's email address and is preventing them from re-registering? 

In cases where the candidate's email address has been inputted by the agency, this will prevent the same email address from being used by the candidate. 

In such cases, the candidate should contact the Jobtrain support team on 0161 850 2004, who will then disassociate their preferred email address from the agency record to enable them to use this to register.


Alternatively, they can use their company email address to apply for internal roles.  



Can an agency submit a candidate that already exists within Jobtrain? 

The duplicate candidate checks in the agency portal looks at First Name, Last Name and Postcode. If these details match that of a candidate that already exists within Jobtrain, the agency will see the below message to advise of this. 


Can a candidate also submit their details on the candidate portal?

If a candidate attempts to add exactly the same details as the agency (i.e. First Name, Last Name and Postcode), a message will be displayed to the candidate advising them that their profile already exists.

How does this functionality work?

The agency submits one candidate application. When it reaches greater than <candidate exclusivity> the candidate will be archived, and the agency archive email is generated:

  • If just the agency email is entered - the email will be sent to the contact on the main page
  • If both the candidate & agency email is entered - the email will be sent to contacts on the main page and CC to the candidate


If an agency re-assigns a candidate:  

  • The initial application is removed from the List of Candidates page, but submission is still visible on the candidate's Applied Jobs tab and the history remains
  • The 'archive clock' starts again against the re-assigned job

Any candidate in the agency excluded statuses will not be removed.  You are responsible for any candidates in the excluded statuses so please ensure you have a process in place for your 'Hired' candidates and if they subsequently leave.

An individual email will be sent for each candidate that is being archived.

This is an instant archive - there is no 'grace' period. Anonymous key data will remain for reporting purposes. 

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