Reinstating deleted applications

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If a candidate has deleted their application and subsequently changed their mind, Jobtrain users with the appropriate security permissions can reinstate the candidate’s application. The candidate can then review their application, complete any further required information and submit the application.


Jobtrain users can also assign a candidate to a job where they have previously deleted their application.

TOP TIP! Reinstating the candidate’s application will automatically generate an email to the candidate.  Ensure you set up an email template before activating the reinstate application feature.

What's included in this guide:

Activating the facility to reinstate deleted applications

The ability to reinstate deleted applications is linked to a user’s security permissions, ensuring only those Jobtrain users with the appropriate access can reinstate a deleted application.

Navigate to System Settings and Security Roles.


Select which Security Role should have the reinstate deleted applications facility enabled and click to open.

Select Jobs & Talent Pools and toggle on List Candidate - Reinstate (select the first 3 toggles, Access, Add and Update).

This feature is now active.  Repeat the process for any other security roles which require this functionality.


Create an email to be sent to candidates

When a candidate’s application is reinstated, they will automatically be notified via email. An email template should be created and then linked to the reinstated application facility.

Navigate to System Settings and Communication.


Select Email Templates and Create Email Template.

Name your new email e.g. Reinstate Application Confirmation. Add the subject to the email which will be received by the candidate and the main email content.

Example email content
Example email content is provided below to use and amend as required.

Email Subject – Your application to <Enter Company Name> has been reinstated


Your previously deleted application for the role of {JOBS.JOBTITLEFORCANDIDATES} has now been reinstated.

Please log in to your candidate portal to review your details, enter any additional information that may be required and submit your application for consideration.

Good luck with your application.

Kind Regards

Recruitment Team

Once your email template is created, navigate to system settings to link this to the reinstate application facility.

Navigate to System Settings and System Customisation. Select Emails and select the relevant email against Set Application Reinstate Email.



Reinstating a deleted application

When searching for a candidate, you can see against their candidate record that their application has been deleted. In the example below, you can see that the candidate had submitted their application for the position of Administrator then this was subsequently deleted.


To reinstate the application, click Reinstate.  You will see a message on the screen confirming that this action is complete.

Once reinstated, the submitted option will revert to No and the candidate will be prompted (automatically by email) to log in, check their details are correct and agree to the declaration before submitting.




Can I move a candidate into a job where they had previously deleted an unsubmitted/incomplete application?

Yes. If this feature is activated for your security profile you can move a candidate from one job to another where they had previously deleted their application.


Move the candidate using the Assign to a job feature and you will be notified on screen that the candidate had previously deleted an application for the job you are assigning them to.  You will be given the option to continue and reinstate their application or cancel.

Can I move a candidate into a job where they have previously deleted a submitted application?


Yes, but the candidate's application will remain as ‘Submitted’ if assigned to a job they have already submitted a completed application previously.


To allow a candidate to edit their application once reinstated, you will need to reinstate the candidate’s application from the original job rather than via Search > Search Candidates.


Instead, please follow the below steps to reinstate the application:

  • Search
  • Search Jobs
  • List candidates
  • Click on the candidate’s name to access the candidate's record
  • Go to Applied jobs
  • Click Reinstate.  


You will then see a message on the screen confirming that this action is complete.

If Application Based Data Retention is enabled on my site, can I reinstate deleted applications?

No, once the application data is deleted by data retention processes, the data is permanently deleted and cannot be reinstated. For more information please click here.

Can I restrict who has access to this functionality?

Yes. As with most areas of Jobtrain, this functionality can be restricted in Security Roles within Settings.


For support with updating access using Security Roles, please contact your Continuous Improvement Consultant or our Support Team who will be happy to help.


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about reinstating deleted applications (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44 (0)161 850 2004.

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