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We have introduced this feature for internal candidates to be able to automatically notify their line manager that they have applied for an internal role. 

This notification can either be used as a notification or to request approval from a line manager.

There is a small amount of setup work required which is detailed below.



Step 1 – Creating the email notification

Go to Settings > Communication > Email Templates.

  • Press Create Email Template
  • Email name - Line Manager Notification / Email subject - Notification of internal applicant 
  • Add the email content below
  • Press save 


Email - Option 1 


The Line Manager receives an email informing them that an internal candidate has applied for an internal role. This email can be tailored, e.g.:

This is a courtesy email to let you know that {CANDIDATES.FIRSTNAME} {CANDIDATES.LASTNAME} has applied for the position of {JOBS.JOBTITLEFORCANDIDATES}.

Email - Option 2


The Line Manager receives an email informing them that an internal candidate has applied for an internal role and that their approval is required. This email is hard-coded and therefore cannot be tailored.

This is a courtesy email to let you know that {CANDIDATES.FIRSTNAME} {CANDIDATES.LASTNAME} has applied for the position of {JOBS.JOBTITLEFORCANDIDATES}.  Please either approve or decline this application using the links below. <<APPROVELINKS>>

Example email:

Step 2 - System Customisation

Next to you need to update system customisation, so that the system knows which email template should be sent to the line manager.

  • Settings  
  • System Customisation

  • Navigate to the Emails tab


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  • Go to Set default emails to line manager 

  • Line manager notification for internal candidates: add in the email template you have created here


Step 3 – Activating the fields in the application form

Within client side go to: 

  • Settings 
  • Application templates 
  • Edit Internal application template(s)
  • Declaration section 
  • Enable questions below and reword if needed. 
  • Save > Exit > Display declaration section > Save


Candidate experience

Once this has been switched on the following questions are displayed to candidates when completing the application form:


The following question can be tailored:


It is company policy that you should have this application signed off by your line manager. Please confirm whether you have done this? Yes/No


Reviewing candidate responses

After the application has been submitted, a new section is then displayed against the candidate’s record to display the approval information. This includes:

  • The date and time of the submitted application
  • Confirmation from the candidate that they have had their application signed off by their line manager - the answer to this will be blank if the candidate has answered 'no'
  • The email address of the candidate's line manager

Line Manager process

Once the candidate has submitted their application, the email will then be triggered to the line managers email address.

If the line manager is required to approve the request, they can add supporting comments to their approval, visible only to users in the job access tab. Click the approve button and an application approved message will be displayed:


Once approved, the declaration tab will be updated with the date and time of the line manager’s approval:



Can different email notifications be triggered dependent on the role or candidate? 

No, you can only set one email notification to the line manager within system customisation.

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