Candidate portal branding: guide for advertising / creative partners

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The information below has been provided to assist you with the integration of your careers microsite with Jobtrain.


We deliver and support flexible, easy-to-use recruitment software/applicant tracking systems to companies of all sizes and across all sectors. We enable our clients to take full control of each stage of the recruitment process and manage their hiring online to save time and money and improve hiring performance, as well as enhancing the candidate experience.


We deliver to clients a comprehensive internet recruitment portal, branded to match their corporate identity that allows candidates to search, view and apply for opportunities online, as well as register for job alerts.


We work closely with our advertising partners to ensure a seamless integration between our clients' websites and the Jobtrain ATS.

Transition points

Transition points may vary depending on the client’s website and if they have a separate careers portal. Most of our clients will have a Careers link or page within their own website and this will generally be used as the transition point for most.


Alternatively, clients will choose to include the Jobtrain links as part of their website and use these as the transition points for candidates.



Client branded pages

Once a candidate has transitioned through to the Jobtrain recruitment portal from the client’s website, it is important that the site is branded to match the client’s corporate identity.


Jobtrain pages will generally include the following menu options as standard:              

  • Search for jobs
  • List all vacancies


The menu options above must be included within the client’s website design.  We recommend including the menu options above on the 'Apply Now' page.



Examples of current client integrations

Below are some examples of our current client integrations. The URLs will demonstrate how the Jobtrain menus can be displayed and how we integrate with each client's website:


Nobia UK

Chester Zoo

Forbes Solicitors

Images, headers and menu options

The Jobtrain pages will include the facility for candidates to search for jobs.  If you are including header images, there must be enough room for the search options to be displayed, ideally without the candidate having to scroll down the page.

If images or static menus are used, then once the candidate enters the application form, you need to consider if the images/menus are to remain.  If so, there needs to be enough room on the page to display the application form.


What information do I need to provide?

If you are in the process of developing a new/rebranded website, in turn, we will be creating the client's Jobtrain candidate platform. 


To provide a fully branded candidate site, our developers will apply the coding you provide to your Jobtrain system to mimic your existing webpage branding.  


To create the candidate brand, we will only require a template for one page that should include a single HTML file with the associated javascript, images and stylesheets.

Any other additional changes requested would need to be discussed.

For websites currently in development

Access to a staging site

If the website you would like us to adopt the branding of is currently in development, you may have a staging site link you can share.

Please note: Whilst it is useful to have visibility of the staging site at an early stage, we will only be able to commence work on the candidate site once the website branding has been completed, signed off and the final versions of the html files, javascript files, images or stylesheets provided.

Any changes that are made to the site once we have commenced the build may result in additional charges.


Branding checklist

Please provide us with: 

  • The page on your website that you would like us to adopt the branding of
  • A static html file along with any required javascript files, images or stylesheets
    • These may be held by your design agency
    • We require all the folders and sub folders and cannot accept just a saved complete copy from your browser 

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