Capturing candidate withdrawal and delete reasons

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This feature allows clients to capture and report on candidate’s reasons for withdrawing their application, deleting their application, and deleting their profile. This is useful feature as it allows you to gain a deeper understanding as to why candidates are opting out of the recruitment process.

This feature also works on the client side if you are withdrawing a candidate’s application on their behalf. You can define the list of options that a candidate can choose from when they are withdrawing or deleting their application / profile and additional reasons can be added over time if required.

This guide includes information on:

Video guide to delete and withdrawal reasons

If you’d prefer to watch a video introduction to candidate delete and withdrawal reasons, no problem, just follow the link below:

Adding reasons when a candidate is deleted or withdrawn


Request activation via Jobtrain support team 

Please contact our support team to activate this feature who will confirm once this has been done. Then follow the below steps to complete the setup process. 

Enabling access to populate withdrawal and delete reasons

Firstly, you need to grant the relevant Security Roles access to create the withdrawal reason options. To do so go to: 

  • Settings
  • Security Roles

Press the name of the Security Role to open it up and click on the Jobs & Talent Pools sub tab.


Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated


Scroll down to Status Change Reasons and toggle all buttons to green.



Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Save.


Whilst still in the Security Role, navigate to the Settings sub tab.


Scroll to General Setup: Delete & Withdraw Reason and toggle all buttons to green.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Save.

After pressing Save at the bottom of the page, users assigned to this Security Role will then have access to populate the withdrawal and deletion reasons and enable them to capture withdrawal reasons when withdrawing on behalf of a candidate. 

Tip: For ease you can use Ctrl & F to search for this when on the Jobs & Talent Pools or Settings section of the Security Role.

Adding delete and withdraw reasons

To add reasons for withdrawal and deletion, go to:

  • Settings 
  • General Settings 
  • Scroll down and click on Delete & Withdraw Reasons 

  • In the left-hand menu select Add Delete/Withdrawal Reason

  • On the following page add Delete & Withdraw Reasons: Select from the dropdown whether this option should be presented when candidates delete their application, delete their profile or when they withdraw their application 
  • Reason Description: add in the withdrawal/delete reason wording here
  • Press Save

Continue adding to the list until you have added all the required withdraw and delete reasons.

The delete and withdraw reasons will be displayed to candidates to select from when they withdraw or delete their application / profile.  We would recommend using candidate friendly wording.

Capturing delete & withdrawal reasons

Candidate experience

If a candidate chooses to delete their application from the candidate portal, they will be presented with the reason options to choose from before deleting their application. They cannot delete their application unless they provide a reason.


This is the same process if candidates choose to delete their profile or withdraw their application.

As it’s mandatory for candidates to provide a delete or withdraw reason, it’s worthwhile considering all the different reasons why a candidate may withdraw or delete, ensuring these are all included as reason options for accurate reporting.


Withdrawing on behalf of a candidate

From the candidate’s record, change their status to the Withdrawn status. You will be prompted to select a mandatory withdrawal reason. Add in any additional status notes and press Save. 

The withdraw reasons will only be presented for the specified withdrawn candidate application status set in system customisation.

To identify the correct status, go to Settings > System Customisation > Customise > Application Statuses

Viewing candidates' reasons for withdrawal 

Withdrawal completed on behalf of a candidate

If a system user has withdrawn the candidate’s application on their behalf, you can view the reason for withdrawal by going to the candidate’s record and viewing their history.

Click on the name of the user who withdrew the candidate’s application on their behalf, which is listed next to the status change as shown above.

A pop up on window will be displayed, detailing the status the candidate was updated to and the reason for withdrawal.

Withdrawal completed by the candidate

If a candidate has withdrawn their application, follow the same steps to view the candidate withdrawal reason by going into the candidate's record and then viewing their history.


Enabling access to the report

To allow users access to report on the delete and withdraw reasons you will need to switch this on in the relevant Security Role.

To do so follow the below steps:

  • Settings
  • Security Roles


Click on the name of the relevant Security Role to and head to the Reports section.

Scroll down to the Del & Withdraw App Reasons Report and toggle this on in the access column. Press Save.

Running the report

The suite of reports can be accessed by clicking on Reports in the top menu.

Click on Delete App, Delete Profile & App Withdraw Reasons and choose your search criteria.  Each blue bar will expand when clicked and reveal more options.

As an example, if you wish to report on candidate withdrawal reasons in a set time frame you would complete the application date from and to fields and the select Withdraw App Reasons. The report would return the results with the option to print and export to Excel if required.


For more information on reporting and the different search criteria please click here to view our Reporting Suite user guide.


Can you report on candidate withdrawal and delete reasons in the Advanced Insights Reporting Suite? 

No, but the report in the standard reporting suite should give you all the data you require.


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about using Candidate Delete & Withdrawal Reasons (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004.

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