Editing emails sent on a candidate status change

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The facility to automatically send an email to a candidate upon a status change has been a feature of Jobtrain for many years but sometimes there is a need to review and amend the email before it is set. This feature enables Jobtrain users with the appropriate permission to change the email content before it is sent to the candidate.

This is security role controlled, so you can determine which user group can have this enabled.

This guide includes information on:

Video guide to editing emails sent on a status change

If you’d prefer to watch a video introduction to editing emails sent on a status change, no problem, just follow the link below:

Video guide to editing emails sent on a status change

Editing & reviewing emails on a status change

From the list of candidates page, or within a candidate’s record, select the candidate status you would like to change the candidate to.



Add in any status change notes and press Next.

Status change notes added in this section can be viewed in the candidate’s history.

From this page (below) you can review and edit the email by simply typing in the email text editor.


Or you can even select a completely different email template to be sent to the candidate(s) by using the Select an Email field and choosing the relevant email template.



You can also edit the replacement email template that you have selected.

Once you are happy with the email content, select Send.

The candidate’s sent emails will reflect the changes you have made to the email template and can be viewed by going to the sent emails section of the candidate’s record.


This feature only affects statuses with emails attached. For those statuses without an email attached, follow the normal process.

Enabling this feature

To grant users access to edit emails sent on a status change, follow the steps below:

  1. Settings
  2. Security Roles
  3. Open the relevant security role by clicking on the name
  4. Click on the second tab titled Jobs & Talent Pools



 Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle Status Change Email on, then press Save.


Tip: You can use Ctrl & F to search for this when on the Jobs & Talent Pools section of the security role.


Does this feature work with Bulk Status update?

Absolutely, this works in exactly the same way but instead of using the change status to field, simply select the Bulk Status Update option in the left-hand menu.



If I edit an email sent on a status change does this update the original email template?

No, this simply updates the email you are sending to the specified candidate(s), the original email templates will not be updated. If you wish to make changes to your email templates, please view our Communications user guide here.


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about editing the emails sent on a status change (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004.


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