Article 55 reporting to the Equality Commission Northern Ireland (ECNI)

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What's included in this guide


Employers with operations and employees within Northern Ireland will likely be subject to legislation requiring them to monitor and report data about religious affiliations of applicants and employees. This is known as Article 55 and is overseen by the Equality Commission Northern Ireland. Full details can be found here.

Set Up

Any of our clients subject to this legislation can request (free of charge) that the system be configured for this. This involves:

  • The reconfiguration of the religion nomenclature within the EDI monitoring 
  • The introduction of an automated icon against candidates  for indicating where the residual method is either required or completed
  • The introduction of an ''advertising undertaken'' free text field within the approval form and mapping of this to the Advanced Insights report builder

Clients will also be required to amend or expand the Job Level/Grade table within Settings to include SOC codes. The list of SOC codes can be found within the Article 55 document.


Once we confirm this configuration is complete, you are ready to begin reporting. The reporting is your responsibility (unless outsourced for a fee to our Talent Intelligence Unit). This video walks you through the methods and options to extract this data from Jobtrain using our report builder.

Experienced Advanced Insights (report builder) users may wish to skip to 13:00 minutes for the final elements of the solution.

Your report should look something like this (click the image to expand):

You could choose to expand this with a residual method column (click the image to expand) :

Or you may prefer to run the residual method report separately, in order to then seek and apply the residual method if outstanding (click the image to expand) :

In the reports above, we have removed candidate identifiers - e.g. ID number / name - but these would need to be present in order to retrospectively apply the residual method, along with school name and hobbies and interests if they're captured in the application form.


Further Tips

  • It is advised that trained recruiters should apply the residual method as and when a red EQ symbol is seen against a candidate. This will save a lengthy retrospective task when it comes to reporting. Advice on the residual method can be found on the ECNI website.

Clicking the red EQ icon will present a pop up box where a choice of religious affiliation can be performed on the candidate's behalf. Once complete, the icon turns to a green EQ. The reporting engine will record their original answer (prefer not to say) and the choice you've made for them (residual method).


  • You should exclude incomplete applications from your report. To do this, apply this filter: Agreed to Terms = 1


Will the EQ symbol be displayed against relevant candidates for roles that are not based in Northern Ireland?

Yes, once this feature has been activated then the EQ symbol will be displayed against any candidates that answer ‘Prefer not to say’ regardless of the location of the job.

You can however filter your reports to only look at roles based in Northern Ireland so this will not impact on any reporting insights.


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