Implementation - Preparing for Talent Intelligence training

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If you opt to include Advanced Insights analytics in your licence agreement, as part of your implementation, our Talent Intelligence team will:

  • Build 5 custom reports of your choice
  • Provide a half-day reporting training / assisted building and consultancy

Who should have access to Advanced Insights?

You have 10 licences (user accounts) available with your Advanced Insights module and three access levels available:

  1. Public Content Writer & Collaborator - can create reports and distribute reports to other users
  2. Personal Content Writer & Collaborator - can create reports, but not distribute
  3. Consumer & Collaborator - can view reports others have created


For users who can create reports, they have access to all candidates’ personal details and equal opportunities responses - so consider if this is appropriate.


The Advanced Insights module is an analytics tool, primarily designed for MI specialists, although familiarity with the structure and workflows of your Jobtrain ATS is key.


If you decide to create shared licences, please note that only one user can log into that account at a time.


Pre-requisites for training

Before we can deliver reporting training, you will need:

  • The Advanced Insights tool to have been created for you.
  • Logins issued to your reporting users (this is usually within 2-3 weeks of your Jobtrain launch).
  • There must be data within your Jobtrain system (i.e. full lifecycle data for jobs and applications – you can’t report on time to hire, for example, if you have yet to appoint any candidates!)

The types of training

Our Talent Intelligence Unit offers two training options for new clients.

1. Basic report builder training

Learning how to use the report builder.

  • Video guides are one of the most popular ways to learn, they are free and on our online support hub.
  • They cover everything you will need to gain the skills/knowledge to build reports
  • In total, our video guides add up to approximately 90 minutes running time, but users should allow more time to consume, practice and to experiment, to gain a solid understanding.

Alternatively, we can deliver this basic training as an online session. This normally takes around 2 – 2.5 hours. It covers everything available in the video guides, and uses generic report examples, and dummy data.


Pros – You can ask questions throughout training.

Cons – It’s a lot to digest in one training session.


Our TI unit usually adds a follow up call a week or two later to follow up on how users have got on practising/using it. This therefore equates to a half day with regards to any training/consultancy days offered or purchased.


2. Consulting/assisted building

These sessions are offered where users have already learnt how to use the report builder but are struggling to conceptualise or execute the build of specified report requests.


Often the need for this session occurs because the user who is building reports is a capable report builder but lacks knowledge of recruitment practices or the configuration of the ATS. Though sometimes it can just be a case of ‘not seeing the wood for the trees’ or simply wanting to take advantage of our experience and get advice about different ways of doing things.


The format of this session can be adjusted to your needs. Sometimes it can often be in the form of a conversation, a screen demonstration, or we’ll ask users to be on computers doing the building whilst we guide and advise.  Or a mixture!


As a result, the duration varies and is estimated based on requirements. Normally, we start with a half-day session and see how far we get.

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