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One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when starting your Jobtrain implementation will be to choose the URL that your Jobtrain platform will appear on (both your candidate site and back-end client site - where you manage jobs and vacancies - will appear on the same domain). 

Your Project Implementation Manager will need this information to create your test system.


Using a Jobtrain domain

Many of our clients opt to use a Jobtrain domain.

This means that the URL of your system will have the prefix of  - you can choose whatever short name you wish to appear after the forward slash, usually the same as your company name (e.g. ).

Why use a Jobtrain domain?

  • The same high-level security and encryption on all information our clients and their candidates enter, save, and send online to ensure that it can’t be intercepted and used maliciously.
  • No additional cost.

Using your own domain

If you prefer your candidate site and Jobtrain system to appear on one of your own sub-domains (e.g. ), we can support this. However, we will need to apply for a certificate or key to ensure the correct level of security for this domain (this is done by purchasing an SSL Key for your domain).

If you decide to opt for an SSL Key to use your own domain, you should consider:

  • How easy is it for candidates to type the URL?
  • The URL should be a sub-domain of your own website (e.g. or
  • Is that URL already in use?  
    1. If so, as soon as your Jobtrain system launches, it will replace content of that webpage.
    2. You may get broken links to old pages that no longer exist.
  • Do you need to purchase a new domain?

Why use your own domain?

There will be no change in URL when the candidate navigates from your own website to your candidate site to apply for a job.


What is an SSL Key?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure method of sending information securely over the internet. Many websites use SSL for secure areas of their sites, such as user account pages and online checkouts. At Jobtrain we use it to encrypt all the information our clients and their candidates enter, save and send online to ensure that it can’t be intercepted and used maliciously.


Each site needs a certificate or key from a reputable provider of SSL encryption. We use keys from Verisign, one of the world leaders in internet security. All clients are provided with this protection on the address. However, if you want to use your own domain, we need to purchase the key for you.

Why does Jobtrain have to buy a key – can we not arrange one ourselves?

Although many SSL keys will provide some protection, they do not all offer the same level of security and assurance.

We use a very specific SSL key from Verisign called their Secure Site Pro with Extended Validation, which provides the strongest level of encryption and indemnity against failure. Also, by managing keys ourselves, we can be sure they are always updated when they need to be and don’t expire!

Jobtrain is tested for vulnerabilities and attacks and all our tests are against the Verisign EV Pro encryption keys. Using just one type of key means we can always have complete confidence of the encryption and standards we have in place. Using another provider could increase the security risk and this is something we obviously want to avoid!

Why do we have to pay a set-up fee as well as the fee for the certificate?

When a client wants to use their own web address and have their own key, we must complete several tasks for this to happen:

  • We need to apply for and register the SSL key. This requires form filling and verification and takes about 4 weeks to complete
  • We must then dedicate a firewall for the new domain and address
  • We need to allocate a dedicated IP address for the new key
  • We also create a separate web solution for the client on their own domain
  • On an ongoing basis we maintain and manage their code separately to the core

We don’t charge fees for the ongoing management described above or charge extra on top of the advertised price of the key, we just ask for a nominal set-up fee to cover our time in the set-up process.

Can I change the URL that my Jobtrain platform appears on in future?


It is possible to change your Jobtrain URL, however this requires some forward planning.

If you are looking to swich to a new domain of your own, an SSL Key will need to be purchased for the new domain in advance.  This process normally takes around 4 weeks.

At the point of switching to your new URL, any online sources that may have jobs advertised or links to your existing candidate site (including any emails to candidates or system users with a link back to Jobtrain) will need to be updated to begin directing candidates / users to the new URL.

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