Interview Complete Button - Setup and User Guide

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Some recruitment campaigns generate very high volumes of applications resulting in interview processes taking place over a number of days.


Introducing an Interview Complete button.

Similar to the Shortlisting Complete Button, it allows the Interviewer to control when the 'Interview Complete' notification email is sent to relevant system users in order to prompt the next stage in the recruitment journey


What does the Interview Complete button do?

The Interview Complete button sends an instant email notification to system users who have access to that job advising that Interviewing has now been completed. This then prompts the next stage in the recruitment process.

Email template

Within communications, create a new email template which will alert the recruiter that interviewing is complete.

We’ve provided an example email template below.



Alert to Recruiter (Interviewing Complete)


The Hiring Manager / Panel have now indicated that Interviewing is complete for the below job vacancy.  Please progress with any offers and rejections.




System Customisation setup

Within Settings, go to System Customisation.

  • Then go to the 'Customise’ tab > under the 'Job statuses’ section
  • Go to the 'Interview Complete Trigger Status’ field > Select 'interview’, press save then exit

By selecting 'interview’ within this field, the 'Interview Complete’ button will only appear to the relevant users once the Job Status has been updated to 'interview’.

Security Role setup

Go to Settings > Security Roles then select and edit the relevant Security Roles.

  • Go to the 'Jobs and Talent Pools’ section > switch on the 'List Candidate – Interview Complete' tab and save.
  • Go to 'Create/update Job(s)’ section > under 'Job notifications’ header > switch on the 'Sent Interview Complete notification' and save.
    • This tab will need to be switched on for all security roles who want to receive the email notification.


How to configure which Application Statuses should prevent the interview complete email from being sent:

  • To prevent the Interview Complete email from being generated at the wrong time, go to System Settings > Security Roles. 

    Here you can configure which statuses should prevent the Interview Compete email from being sent.  

    Within the Security Role, the Application Status(s) tab has an 'Interview' column. If the application status checkbox in this column is toggled on, the Interview Complete email will not be sent whilst there are applications currently at that status against the job.

Please note, this section will only need to be updated for the hiring manager profile completing the candidate interview statuses.


Who gets the Interview Complete Email Notification?

Once the system user has completed all their interviews and updates all candidates to the appropriate application statuses, the user can then press the 'Interview Complete’ button.


The Interview Complete email notification is sent immediately to system users added to the Job Access tab for that job, where the 'Sent Interview Complete notification’ is enabled for their security role.


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If a user does not update all candidates to the appropriate statues, an error will appear on screen, advising X number of candidates have not moved through the interview process.

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