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What is the Microsoft (MS) Teams Integration?

As the increase in working-from-home continues to drive demand for better integration with video conferencing software, we’re pleased to announce that Jobtrain now integrates with MS Teams. This integration allows system users to schedule MS Teams calls from within Jobtrain to better facilitate interviews with candidates.


One of the main benefits of this integration is the facility to send out interviews to candidates and have them appear in your MS Teams calendar!

Note: The MS Teams Integration works only with manual interviews.


Setting up and sending the invite

When sending out the MS teams interview invites to candidates, the invites will be sent using the system user’s Microsoft account. This means that the invite is sent from the user’s own Microsoft email address. This is then sent to the candidate along with anyone else added as an interviewer.

1. To send invites, you will need to go to the list of candidates against the job you would like to send the MS Teams invitation to

2. Then click on the ‘Calendar’ icon against one of the candidates


3. Select Create New Appointment


4. Add the time details of the interview appointment

5. Choose an interviewer from the drop-down menu

6. Select the email you would like the invited candidate to receive

  • You can also attach a document to the candidate's email. Documents can be selected from the 'Add document from Library’ drop-down.


7. You can choose to send an email to the interviewer(s) too. To do this, toggle the Email to Interviewer(s) to green.

  • You will need to select which email should be sent to the interviewer(s) from the drop-down menu. Again, you can attach a document to this email too if you'd like.
  • In this email to the interviewer(s), there are additional options available - you can send the candidate’s CV, pre-assessment form, and/or application form. To send these documents to the interviewer(s), simply toggle on the options to green.

The candidate and the Interviewer(s) will receive the same MS Teams invite. The invite email will include the email that is selected within the ‘Email to Candidate’ section.

The candidate will be able to see the email address of the interviewers within the calendar invite email.

Note: The calendar invite with the MS Teams meeting link is sent directly from the MS Teams account of the user who sets up the Teams interview. Therefore, it will not be visible within Jobtrain in the candidate(s) sent emails.

The interviewer(s) will also receive another version of the email that is selected within the ‘Email to Interviewer(s)’ section. This is the email that will include additional information such as the candidates CV / Pre-Assessment / Application if this has been selected when setting up the invite.

8. Toggle on ‘MS Teams Invite’.

9. On screen you will now see a window that asks you to sign-in to your Microsoft account.

10. Once you have successfully logged into your Microsoft account, your account will appear and the ‘MS Teams Invite’ will be toggled on to green. It will also show you which email address you have signed in with.


11. Once all the steps above have been completed, you can then click Send Invite to send the email you selected to the candidate and the interviewer(s).

12. After the interview invite has been sent to the candidate/interviewer(s), the buttons at the bottom of the screen will change from ‘Send Invite’ and ‘Exit’ to the below:

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Amending an MS Teams Interview

Note: You can only make amendments to the Interview if you are the same user who originally created the interview.

Once the interview is booked, you will see the below. This is where you can make amendments to the interview.

Sign in and close

If you are not the user who created the interview, then this prompt will appear on the screen:


“To update, modify, or delete this Interview, you must be authenticated using the same Microsoft Teams account as the one used to create this interview. Please sign in with the correct Microsoft Teams account to continue.”


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  • If you select Close or Sign in, this will not delete any unsaved information that has been added to the interview. It will simply ask you to sign-in to your Microsoft account or close the prompt that is displayed on the page.


Cancel Interview

The ‘Cancel Interview’ button allows the user that created the interview appointment to cancel the interview.



This button will take you back to the ‘Calendar Entry’ page without saving any data.


Override Delete

This button is only visible to users with superuser access.

The purpose of this button is to allow users to delete the record of the interview from Jobtrain and to allow a new interview to be created for the candidate.


Please note, that this will not delete the interview from the Microsoft/system user’s calendar. However, it will allow another interview to be created.


You can control who has access to this button by going to:


Settings > Security Roles > Select a security role > Jobs & Talent Pools > Candidate Interview – Override Delete button.


Once the manual calendar entry has been removed in Jobtrain, the system will not recognise that there was ever a calendar entry.

Therefore, you will need to go to the candidate’s history to see details of the previous calendar entry which will appear like this:


[User] – Candidate Interview - MS Teams Interview Cancelled via Override – ([Job Ref]/[Job Title])



Can I restrict who has access to this functionality?

Once this feature is enabled by our team, this will be available for all users and access cannot be restricted.

Why can’t I update a candidate’s manual interview? 

You are not the original creator of the interview. In this case, you would need to have access to the ‘Override Delete’ button in security roles.


You can do this by going to Settings > Security Roles > Jobs & Talent Pools > Candidate Interview - Override Delete Button. 

I have updated the calendar event in my calendar. However, this has not been updated in Jobtrain.

Updating the calendar event in your calendar will not reflect in Jobtrain. You need to go into Jobtrain and amend the calendar invite from there.


I’m not able to use the MS teams Interview option for self-service interviews.

This functionality is only available for manual interviews.

I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about using the MS Teams Integration (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004.

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