LinkedIn Job Feed User Guide

Modified on Tue, 14 Mar, 2023 at 9:58 AM

We have partnered with LinkedIn to post jobs directly to your LinkedIn company page - free of charge!


We will enable an automated XML feed of your live, advertised vacancies and post jobs directly to your LinkedIn Company pages as organic jobs.


What’s included in this guide:

How do I set up the LinkedIn Job Feed?



How do I set up the LinkedIn Job Feed?

Please raise a request via our Helpdesk to activate LinkedIn Jobs.


If you have multiple brands / subsidiary company pages on LinkedIn that you would like to post to, please let us know in your request to enable this functionality so we can ensure it is set up correctly.

How do I post jobs to LinkedIn?

Once the LinkedIn Job Feed is activated, ALL live, externally advertised jobs will automatically be posted to LinkedIn – you don’t need to do anything!

What do jobs on LinkedIn look like?

Your jobs will display on LinkedIn like any other LinkedIn job posting:



What job details are advertised?

The following information can be included in the feed which is sent from Jobtrain (the data that is sent depends on your Jobtrain configuration):

  • Company Name
  • Job Title (we use the Job Title for Candidates in Jobtrain)
  • Job Advert
  • Location and City
  • Postcode
  • Apply URL
  • Closing Date


Please note this will depend on how your Jobtrain site has been configured.


What if I use Jobtrain for multiple brands / have multiple subsidiary companies using Jobtrain?

If you are using any of the Division, Location, School Location or Department fields in Jobtrain to separate out multiple different brands or subsidiaries within your organisation, we can configure your LinkedIn Feed to post to the corresponding Company Page on LinkedIn.


If you need this optional configuration for your LinkedIn setup, please let us know when you raise the request to activate this feature.


How do candidates apply?

Candidates are re-directed to the job advert as advertised on your candidate site and apply by completing the online application process specified in Jobtrain.


How do I track applications received via the LinkedIn Feed?

 Any applicants received via this LinkedIn feed are automatically tracked using the source “JobtrainLinkedInJobs”.


You can therefore track and report on applicants via LinkedIn using our Source Tracking reports in both the Standard Reporting Suite and the Advanced Insights Reporting Tool.


For further information on source tracking reporting, see our Reporting Suite guide.


How frequently are jobs on LinkedIn updated?

The feed is updated once each day. So, any newly posted roles will be visible on LinkedIn within 24 hours, along with any updates to jobs already visible on LinkedIn.


When are job adverts removed from LinkedIn?

When the closing date is reached.


Or, if you take down a job before the closing date by updating the ‘is live’ toggle on the Post the Job page in Jobtrain.  


Any jobs updated in this way would cease to be advertised on LinkedIn within 24 hours.




Why is my job not appearing on LinkedIn?

The feed is updated once each day so any newly posted roles should be visible on LinkedIn within 24 hours of the role being made live.

There are several reasons why a job may not appear on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Premium Job Post: The job is already posted as a paid job by the customer on their Company page.
  • Missing or Invalid fields: Jobs will not post if mandatory fields are blank or have invalid information:
    1. Your job must include a Job Title
    2. The Job Description must be at least 100 characters long
    3. There must be a location or city provided and where possible a postcode
  • Employer opt-out: Your organisation may have previously opted out of job ingestion from third-party sites.
  • Spam Jobs: Jobs posted on LinkedIn may be selected to undergo their jobs review process and must meet their job posting guidelines. If jobs do not meet the guidelines, they may be marked as spam and therefore won’t be displayed.
  • Claimed Jobs: Claim a job is functionality that allows LinkedIn members working with the company hiring for the job to convert it to a free job post which they can manage through LinkedIn. The members can choose if they want to continue collecting applications on the ATS or on LinkedIn. Please click here to find out more about Claimed Jobs.


My jobs are appearing against the wrong company

If a job is posted to an incorrect company, clients can ‘claim’ the job by following processes outlined at:


Are there any restrictions when advertising on LinkedIn?

Yes, you must adhere to LinkedIn’s job posting guidelines outlined at:


How does this differ from LinkedIn Job Slots?

Jobs posted via the LinkedIn feed are Basic Jobs, also sometimes referred to as Limited Listings. We have highlighted below the differences between these and Job Slots.

  • Job Slots have greater visibility across LinkedIn, being promoted in job searches and getting distributed across the platform via targeted recommendations in the LinkedIn feed, Jobs tab, and Notifications.

  • Basic Jobs / Limited Listings via the Job Feed are ingested jobs that only appear in the Jobs tab of the employers’ company Page and central Jobs search tab. These limited listings don’t offer access to premium features like the Job Analytics Report.

Do I need a LinkedIn Recruiter licence?

No, it is not necessary to have a LinkedIn Recruiter licence to use this feature.


Can I choose which jobs are posted?

No, once this feature is activated all live jobs will be posted to LinkedIn.

If you wish to choose on a per job basis which roles should display on LinkedIn, we recommend posting roles via another method.


Do we already have a LinkedIn feed on the Post the Job page in Jobtrain?

Yes, however if connected to your LinkedIn account using a third-party social media posting platform, then these will post as Status Updates on LinkedIn (as opposed to actual job adverts like the LinkedIn Feed described above).


You can use both methods of posting to LinkedIn and both will still be valid.


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.

For any questions about using the LinkedIn job feed (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 850 2004. 

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