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What is the Welcome Hub? 

The Welcome Hub compliments the Onboarding functionality. Where onboarding allows a candidate to complete their electronic offer pack quickly and easily, the Welcome Hub enhancement gives you the opportunity to really welcome your new employee into the organisation.

As the Welcome Hub that is shown to a candidate can be tailored to the onboarding template they receive, each candidate's experience can be individualised with media-rich content and sections specific to the new starter.

Please note: The Welcome Hub is not a standard feature in Jobtrain. If you do not currently have it, but would like to find out more, please contact your Continuous Improvement Consultant for more information.

What's included in this guide:

Enabling access to the Welcome Hub - Settings

Select System Settings > Security Roles 

  • Choose the security role that needs to have access to the Welcome Hub settings
  • In the Settings tab, toggle on all the Green Room sections that this security role needs access to and press Save

Welcome Hub Onboarding Setup

All set up functionality for the Welcome Hub can be found here: 

Settings > Welcome Hub Setup.

There are several key sections to complete in this section, each of which are displayed below.

Welcome Hub Manager

A welcome message can be included at the top of the Welcome Hub page. This can be tailored as you choose, for example, from the CEO, Head of Department, Line Manager or alternatively a more generic 'Welcome to the team' message.

To add a New Welcome Hub Manager template in Jobtrain:

  • Select Welcome Hub Manager tile and choose New Manager from the left-hand menu.
  • Add the Manager's name, email, phone number and a welcome message you'd like to display in the relevant boxes:

You can also include a link to the Manager's individual LinkedIn profile or the Company page on LinkedIn. Similar to adding video links into Jobtrain, you do not need to add the entire URL, just the last part of it. Please see the examples below.

Individual LinkedIn profile:
Company LinkedIn page: 

Once all is information is has been added, press Save. 

After pressing Save, the page will expand to include an image upload box. Here you can attach an image, either of the Manager or a more generic one, depending on your message. Browse files on your device using the Browse button then select Upload.

When the processing message is displayed, press Save then Exit.

Please note, images in this section should be 250 x 250 pixels in size and must not exceed 512KB in size.

Welcome Hub Image Library 

Size guidance

There are 4 different image sizes, dependent on where the image is added (all sizes are in pixels – e.g. 280 x 140 pixels is the logo size). All images should be in either PNG or JPEG format:


Logo image – 280px x 140px:

Header image – 1200px x 250px:

Images within the body of the Welcome Hub template – 750px x 250px:

Note: All images should be either PNG or JPEG format.

Read our guide on how to resize images.


Adding Welcome Hub Images

Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Image Library.

  • In the Image Library, select Upload New Image. Add a Description (this is for internal use) and a description for candidates in the For candidates field. Once complete, press Save


  • Choose the correct dimensions of the image you are uploading from the Image Dimensions options, then browse files on your device using the Browse button.
  • When the image is visible, select Save.

When the image is uploaded, the 'processing' message will appear. This means the image is going through the sanitisation process and will be visible shortly afterwards.

Welcome Hub Video Library

As with the Media Rich Adverts, videos for the Welcome Hub should be held on YouTube as this ensures that the content is accessible universally from all media devices.

  • Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Video Library
  • Select Upload New Video
  • Add a Description (this is for internal use) and a title for candidates in the For candidates field
  • Add the 11 digit Video ID in the Video ID box, then press Save and exit the window

How to find the Video ID

You do not need to add the entire YouTube URL. Jobtrain will recognise the video from the Video ID alone. This ID is 11 digits long and can be found at the end of the YouTube URL, as below:

YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzZ-VXKoszI 


Simply copy and paste this ID into the Video ID field.

If the 11 digits are between '= 'and '&'

Sometimes, URLs will include additional symbols. If this is the case, you will only need to add the ID digits between the symbols. For example:


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA46h6G71xo&t=7s

You can view the video by selecting Preview.

Welcome Hub Text Library

As with the Media Rich Adverts, you can create a library of commonly used text to make building Welcome Hub Templates easier.

  • Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Text Library
  • Select Upload Text
  • Add a Description, then press Save

Enter a description and then add the text you would like to include, using the formatting options to change formatting as required. Once complete, press Save and Exit.

As with any other area of Jobtrain, if you would like to copy text from another source such as Word, please copy the text into Notepad (or similar software) first to remove any hidden formatting before pasting into the text box in Jobtrain.

Note: You can use the search bar to search for any existing content in the text, image and video libraries.  

Key Contacts Information

Including details of key contacts can help a candidate know who to contact before their start date. Create as many individual key contacts as you like in this section and include up to three in each Welcome Hub Template.

  • Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Key Contacts
  • Select New Key Contact
  • Add a Contact Title (or department name), the contact's name, phone number and email address. Press Save when complete

A preview of the Key Contact tile will display as you add more information:

Welcome Hub Useful Links 

You may want to include links to areas of interest or important information to share with your new starters, such as your intranet pages, company website or your flexible benefits platform.

Within each Welcome Hub Template, you can include up to three links, however, you can create as many links as you like.

  • Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Welcome Hub Links
  • Select Add Link

 Add a link title, a short description and enter the URL, then press Save.

Other Useful Information

There are further additional areas you can include information in that are added within the individual Welcome Hub template. 

Before building your Welcome Hub Templates you may choose to collate the following information:

  • Company Website 
  • Company Glassdoor review URL
  • Company LinkedIn URL
  • Information for the new hire's first day - guidance outlined in the next section.

This information can be added directly to each individual Welcome Hub Template - more information on this is covered in the next section.

Creating Welcome Hub Templates

  • Go to Settings > Welcome Hub Setup > Welcome Hub
  • Select New Template

A new Welcome Hub Template page will display, as shown below:

Welcome Hub Settings Section

Add the Template Name, the Organisation (or Department) Name and a Page Title that is visible to candidates.

Template Name: this is the name of the template that will appear in your list of Welcome Hub Templates.

Organisation Name: this section controls the name that is shown on things like the company website link buttons.

Page Title: this section controls the wording displayed in the banner under the header.

Header Options

You can choose to have an Image or Colour in the header of your Welcome Hub template:

The image option adds an image behind your logo from your media library:

The colour option simply sets the section to that colour:

If you wish to have a colour, simply select Colour and pick from the available options. If you have the hex code for the colour you wish to add you can type the code into the box and select choose.

Once you have selected your header option this will then be visible at the top of the page so you can preview how it will look.

Select the logo from your media library then choose the alignment (left, right or centre aligned) as required.

Setting the colour scheme

There are a number of areas where you can change the colour of your Welcome Hub Template to match your chosen branding.

As you update each of the colour options, the template will update so you can preview how it will look.

Page Title Background and Page Title Font Colour control the colours at the top of the page and the colour of the page title wording:


Button Background Colour and Button Font Colour

These fields control the colour of any buttons you add (i.e. the Get Directions and Company Website buttons).

Please note, the Glassdoor and LinkedIn buttons can not be controlled by these colours.

Tile Header Background, Tile Header Font Colour, Tile Body Background Colour and Tile Heading Font Colour

These fields control the colour of any tiles used. This includes the Useful Links and Hyperlink tiles.


Useful Links – link colour

Change the colour of the links in the 'Useful Links' tile using the below field:


Within the Useful Links tile, select the edit pencil against the existing links in the tile. A pop-up window will be displayed with the links created in the Welcome Hub Links tile.

Choose the relevant link and select. Please note that you can only have one Useful Link in each template.

Adding other links

You may want to add links to your Glassdoor review pages, company website or company LinkedIn page. Simply add the relevant links into the boxes below:

Candidates will then be able to follow these links by clicking on these buttons:

Adding a Manager

To add your chosen introduction section into the Welcome Hub Template, press Add Manager at the top of this section.

A pop-up window will appear displaying the Manager templates that have been created in the Welcome Hub Manager section:

Click on your chosen manager and then click Select.

Adding Key Contacts

Include up to three key contacts in each Welcome Hub Template. 

Simply select Change at the top of the contact box you wish to change. A pop-up will appear displaying all the available key contact templates that have been created in the Key Contacts section.

Select the relevant link and click Save.


Adding Information for your First Day

It's really helpful for candidates to understand what their first day will look like - what to wear, where to eat, who to report to, etc. With the Welcome Hub Onboarding, you can add up to five sections of information like this to each template.

This section will always remain at the end of the Welcome Hub Template.

When you create a new Welcome Hub using a brand new template, five template information boxes will already be visible with suggested headings. Simply overtype the existing title(s) and add your helpful information wording into the spaces below.

The boxes will expand to fit the contents you enter and all boxes will extend to the same length, so (as shown below) we would advise that you consider how much information you add to each box. 

To display less than five areas of information, simply select the X in the top right of the box(es) you wish to remove.

To add more boxes at a later time, simply press Add to create a new box.

Use up to a maximum of five information boxes per Welcome Hub Template.

Adding/Removing Sections

The amount of content in each Welcome Hub template can be changed to match your needs by simply adding or removing sections as required.


How to Remove a Section

To remove a section, simply select the X in the top right of the section to remove.

Adding New Sections

Use the Add Section drop-down and pick a relevant section type. Press the Add button.

The new section will display just above the Information for Your First Day section (if added).

Adding Images 

Select Add Image from the Add Section drop down and select your chosen image from within the pop-up window. Press Add to save the image and close the window.

A new image section will be added just above the Information for Your First Day section (if added). 

Select Add Image at the top of this new section and choose a relevant 750px x 250px image from within the pop-up window. Choose your image and press Select.

Images added in this section should be 750px x 250px in size. The image size is displayed in the Image Dimensions column when choosing your image from the Onboarding Image Library. 

Rather than simply using single images on your Welcome Hub Template, you can also add a carousel of images that display in sequence when clicked on. 


Go to the Add Section drop-down, choose Add Carousel, then Add:

A new image section will be added just above the Information for Your First Day section (if added). 

This section is similar to the single image section, with the addition of a Replace Image button and arrows to the left and right of the section.

Add your first image in the same way you do with the single image section, then select the left or right arrow and add your next image. Add as many images as you require.

If you need to replace an image in a carousel, simply click the Replace Image button and select your chosen image.

As is the same for adding single images, images added in a carousel should be 750px x 250px in size. Image dimensions are clearly displayed in the Image Dimensions when you're choosing your image from the Image Library.

Adding Videos 

Select Add Video in the Add Section box. A video placeholder box will be displayed near the bottom of the page above the Information for Your First Day section (if added).  Select Add Video and select the relevant video within the pop-up window, then click Add to save the video and close the window:

Once added, a preview of the video will be displayed in the section:

Adding Text 

From the Add Section drop-down, choose the text you would like to add, then press Add:

A new text section will be added just above the Information for Your First Day section (if added).

You can then either:

  • Add your own content wording by typing in the box and using the formatting bar to change formatting as required, or
  • Select Add Text at the top of the box and choose a relevant piece of text from your Welcome Hub Text Library. Press Add to save the text and close the window

Choose the content then press Select to add:

There are other options in the Add Section drop down, designed to allow you to re-enter any sections that had previously been removed. 

You cannot have more than one of each of these options in a single Welcome Hub template.

Adding the Welcome Hub Template to an Onboarding Template

For more information on Onboarding and References, take a look at our Onboarding guide.

  • Go to Settings > Onboarding Setup > Onboarding Templates.

Choose the Onboarding Template you would like to add the Welcome Hub Template to. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the field, Welcome Hub Template. 

  • Begin typing the name of your Welcome Hub Template, then click to select it.
  • Press Save and then Exit the Onboarding template.

Once a Welcome Hub template is attached to an Onboarding template, any changes made to this template will be displayed to any candidates that already have access to the template. 

We therefore advise creating new Onboarding templates rather than making significant changes to existing ones to avoid candidate confusion.

Triggering Access to the Welcome Hub Template

When all onboarding has been completed and the recruiter has checked they have everything they need from the candidate, they can mark the candidate as Onboarding Complete.

Go to My New Starters > check against each completed candidate and mark as Onboarding Complete.

This removes the candidate from the onboarding tile and sends them the onboarding complete email (if this had been set as part of your process in onboarding settings). It also provides access Welcome Hub template on the candidate's homepage.

Candidate Experience

As per the Onboarding process, the candidate will receive their Onboarding complete email to thank them for completing their onboarding. It's here that we would recommend asking them to log into their candidate profile to review the Welcome Hub experience.

After the candidate logs in, next to their application is a message advising this requires attention.

Once the candidate selects View they will then be presented with a link to access their Welcome Hub.

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