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What comes “out of the box’’ in the Advanced Insights Report Builder?



When you need to report wider or deeper than the standard reports, our Advanced Report Builder helps tackle more complex data requirements with automation, data storytelling, collaboration and beautiful action-based dashboards that are simple to use, allowing more people to see, understand and do more with their data.


The intuitive self-service design of the report builder accelerates discovery and allows anyone, from an experienced data analyst to a non-technical recruiter, to create reports in a guided and governed way. There are in-screen tips, as well as video guides and in-person training where required.

But what if you’re unsure what you want or where to begin?


Our Guide to Talent Data is a comprehensive resource that delves into the essential aspects of reporting with the 3 E's and the diverse functions of reports with the 3 P's.


Our Talent Intelligence team has crafted a collection of 27 reports and 6 dashboards known as the “Starter for Ten” series. These are carefully curated based on our own extensive experience and demands throughout our years of serving clients.


Your report builder will come ready equipped with 6 ready-made high-level dashboards and 27 reports, spanning the 3 E’s: Efficiency, Engagement and ED&I, as well as fulfilment and live activity:

  • Live Job Activity (e.g. Adverts Live, Adverts Due to Close)
  • Fulfilment Trends (e.g. Jobs created, advertised, filled month on month)
  • Efficiency (Timescales and volume throughputs for key process stages month on month )
  • Engagement (Advert performance, candidate origin, with key process stage conversions)
  • ED&I Representation at key process stages
  • ED&I Throughputs/Conversions for key process stages

What's included in this guide:

Live Activity Dashboard

  • Number of Jobs/Heads Being Recruited For
  • Number of Jobs/Heads Being Advertised
  • Number of Jobs/Heads Adverts Due to Close
  • Candidate Pipeline Overview – Number at Each Stage


This is the “go to” dashboard to see the live situation regarding volumes of jobs and candidates at key stages of the recruitment lifecycle.

With the ability to filter down to a specific recruiter’s activity or see the data for the whole TA function, it is useful for both Recruiters and TA Leaders.


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Fulfilment Dashboard

  • Number of Jobs/Heads Created
  • Number of Jobs/Heads Went Live
  • Number of Jobs/Heads Live Now
  • Number Applied
  • Number Shortlisted
  • Number 1st Assessment
  • Number Offer Accepted
  • Number Hired/Started

Combined with the data from the efficiency dashboard, this gives senior leaders at organisations insight into the performance of TA and the trajectory of that performance to support business planning.


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Efficiency Dashboard

  • Completed Funnel Throughputs for Key Stages
  • Time taken for Key Stages

Focusing on the processing times for key stages in the process periodically to help assess performance.

Engagement Dashboard

  • Candidate Throughputs for Key Stages – Advert/Reason for Applying
  • Candidate Throughputs for Key Stages – Application Origin

The advert source or application origin (external, internal, agency) can be assessed in terms of quantity and quality, with the throughputs for key stages and the application to hire ratio giving an indication of the dominance and success of certain channels.


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ED&I Representation Dashboard

  • Representation (%) at New Application (Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability
  • Representation (%) at Shortlisted (Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability)
  • Representation (%) at Offer (Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability)
  • Representation (%) at Hired (Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability)

Designed to align with the typical presentation of ED&I data in the likes of the NHS and Government, it is usable by any organisation in any sector to understand the proportional representation of candidates according to protected characteristics at key stages of the recruitment process.


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ED&I Throughputs/Conversions Dashboard

As an addition or alternative to the common proportion representation approach, this presents the throughputs between the same key stages of the process and a resulting Application to Hire ratio, for a much more simplistic view of the progress that candidates of different protected characteristics make through the process.


Again, with the ability to filter down to specific business areas or even roles or recruiting managers if preferred, it can support an investigative as well as statistical approach, either highlighting potential intended or unintentional bias and/or influencing future sourcing or selection strategy.


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