Settings Update - New function for Onboarding Starters Tile

Posted almost 4 years ago by Georgie Morton-Liddle

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Georgie Morton-Liddle
Georgie Morton-Liddle Admin


Historically there has been no way to remove a candidate from My New Starters unless you mark them as ‘Onboarding Complete’ which typically triggers an email to the candidate. This meant that any candidate that had withdrawn from the process and was no longer continuing with their onboarding would receive the onboarding complete email.

New function

A new button has now been added to My New Starters entitled ‘Remove Onboarding and References’. This will remove the candidate from My New Starters without triggering an email - please be aware that it will also remove all references and onboarding documents for the selected candidate so should be used with caution.  This is recorded in the candidate's history, so you can easily see if a candidate has been selected to be removed from onboarding / references and the user that did it. 


To switch this on, simply toggle the delete column on next to My New Starters in the user security roles.

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