Merging Candidate Signature and Dates Into Completed Contract Documents

Modified on Wed, 2 Dec, 2020 at 2:44 PM

There are two merge fields you will need to the contract section document: {AgreedToTermsOn} and {Signature}.

  • The first gives the time/date that the candidate agreed. 
  • Signature will include an image of the candidate's signature. 

Add these at the bottom of the contract where you would like the signature to appear. The signatures will be converted into images before being added in, so they won’t behave like text. 

If adding to existing contract sections, you will need to visit the onboarding templates in Settings>Onboarding and re-add any contracts to the template that you have updated.

Please note: 
When you’re in the onboarding tab of a candidate's profile, the normal preview button will display the image, but it won’t be visible in the 'preview in Word' option until you 'enable editing'. This is because Word does not display external images until you’ve confirmed and clicked enable editing. This will also not work in Word 2007, it will only display in the newer version of Microsoft Word. 

For candidates who have already signed/started onboarding it will not work. What you will need to do is edit the contracts to add the merge fields and restart the onboarding process for it to come through for candidates who have already started. New candidates who haven’t started onboarding yet will be fine once the merge fields have been added.


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