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What's included in this guide:

What is the Email and Calendar Feature? 

The email and calendar feature allows you to connect or sync a nominated corporate email account to your Jobtrain platform. Emails can be sent from your corporate email address, from within Jobtrain, and candidates can reply directly to this email address.  


Candidates’ replies automatically appear against their record in Jobtrain, keeping all your email correspondence together within the system. 


If a candidate sends a speculative enquiry by email, you can convert the candidate into an applicant in Jobtrain or add them to a talent pool direct from the email received. 


You can also view your inbox and calendar from within Jobtrain. 


Can everyone see the corporate calendar and emails? 

No, you can decide by Security Role which users should have visibility of your corporate email inbox and calendar. 


However, it is worth noting that if a candidate replies to an email, other users with access to that job can view the 'Received Emails' against the candidate’s record for that job. 


How do I set up the email and calendar feature? 

There are two options to sync a corporate email address to your Jobtrain system:

  • If you have an existing email address that you would like to use, please provide this to our Support team.
  • Alternatively, we can provide an email address for you to use as your corporate email (this will typically be ‘’)

Please let our Support team know that you want to enable the email and calendar feature and which of the above options you prefer.  


When you contact our support team, please provide:

  • The email address that you wish to sync.
  • Your password for the email account.
  • If you require us to provide an email address, please confirm how you would like your client name to appear (abbreviated etc).
  • The Security roles that should have access to the corporate calendar.

The setup processes for this will take around one week.


Email Templates

To ensure that candidates' responses are recorded in their received emails, you must include the {JOBS.JOBREFERENCE} merge field in the email subject of all candidates' emails. 


As part of the setup process, Jobtrain will update any relevant candidate email templates to include this merge field.


For any email templates created after the feature has been activated, you will need to manually add this merge field into the email subject of any automatically generated candidate emails.  


Please see our Communications User Guide guide which details how to do this.

Accessing your Email Inbox and Calendar


Once you have connected your corporate email account, your email inbox and calendar can be accessed from the Quick Links menu. 


Quick Links can be opened from any page in Jobtrain by clicking on the 9-dot grid icon in the top left-hand menu.


Adding a signature

You can add a signature to your corporate account by following the steps below.

Go to Settings > General Settings > Corporate Account:

Click into the email address that is presented here, then type the signature in the text area below:

Sending an email 

Once you have synced your corporate email account, any emails that you send via the Communicate menu will automatically appear ‘from’ your corporate email address.

If a candidate replies to an automated system email, providing the job reference in the email subject, this email will be recorded in the candidate record.


IMPORTANT: To ensure that candidates' responses are recorded in their received emails, the job reference number merge field needs to be included in the email subject of all candidates' emails.

When you are composing a new email (using ‘Communicate’ from the candidate's record or list candidate page) the Job Reference merge field will automatically be added into the email subject. 

If you select an existing email template, the Job Reference merge field will also pull through into the email subject here too.

For any candidate emails that are automatically generated by the system (rather than using the Communicate > Compose Email method) then you will need to manually add this merge field into the email subject of any relevant email templates.

For example: 
- Application Acknowledgement Email
- Incomplete Application Notifications
- 2nd Stage Application and Acknowledgment Email
- Invite to Interview Emails for Manual Interviews
- Invite to Interview & Interview Confirmation emails for interviews managed by the Self-Service Calendar / Event Manager
- Onboarding Emails
- Emails relating to 3rd Party Integrations such as DBS Checking, RTW checks & online testing 
- Any emails that are attached to a candidate application status
- Any emails sent using the ‘Actions’ menu from the search candidates page 

Please see our Communications User Guide guide which details how to do this.


  • Any automated system emails will continue to be 'from' your default system email address chosen at implementation, this includes. 
    • Acknowledgement emails to confirm receipt of a new application. 
    • Any emails connected to a status change like Reject after application + email. 
  • When a candidate replies to any automated emails from the system, the candidate’s response will also be sent to your corporate email address (provided this was shared when you requested the feature to be activated).

Which emails will be sent from my corporate email?

Any emails that are sent manually will be sent from your corporate email address. 

  • Emails that are sent from Communicate on the left-hand side of the screen, this includes send email, reference request, email agency, forward candidate, candidate pack:

Viewing candidates’ replies in Jobtrain

If a candidate sends an email or replies to your synced email account (provided that the Email Subject includes the Job Reference Number) the email will automatically update in the candidate’s record against the job in Jobtrain. 

An ‘unread email’ icon appears in the list of candidates to indicate that a new email message has been received.


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To view the email within Jobtrain, click on the candidate’s name > History > Received Emails.



  • Emails are displayed in the Received Emails section of the candidate record

  • Click on the Email Subject to view the email content and any attachments.


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Once a user has clicked to view the email in Jobtrain:  

  • The Read on column displays the date the email was read.  
  • The Read by column displays the name of the user who read the email.

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Any user that has access can view Received Emails from the candidate’s record. Your Jobtrain platform will record the name of the first user that reads the email. 

What if the Reference Number isn’t included in the Email Subject? 

The Add to Candidate feature allows you to attach an email to an existing candidate, even if the email doesn’t include a job reference.

Add to Candidate

The system will notice that the candidate has a profile on the system from their email address.

Simply access your emails via Quick Links > My Emails.

Go to My Emails and locate the email that the candidate has sent and click Add to Candidate


Once the system has located which candidate profile the email address is related to, displayed on screen will be a list of jobs that the candidate has applied for.  


You can then select the job reference of the role that the email is relating to.  


Once selected, the email will be added to Received Emails in the candidate’s record against the job.

If a candidate has not applied for the role / candidate details are not stored in the system, when you select Add to candidate, you will see the error message below.


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Converting a candidate to a role

If a candidate already has an existing account on the system with no previously applied roles, you will be unable to use the ‘Convert to Candidate’ feature.

You will need to contact the candidate and ask them to delete their current profile by following the steps below:

Log into their profile > ‘Hello (Candidate Name) > ‘My Profile’ > ‘Delete my Account’.

Once the candidate has followed these steps, you will be able to continue with the steps below.

Go to My Emails and locate the email that the candidate has sent and click Convert to candidate



  • After clicking Convert to Candidate, the ‘From’ email address used in the email is automatically used as the email address of the candidate’s record.

The candidate’s first and last name is also populated (based on their email address) however you may need to correct this. 

  • Use the radio buttons to choose to add the candidate to a job or a talent pool, then select which job or talent pool to add the candidate to. 


If the candidate has emailed attachments, this information will also be displayed and you can select which document to add as the candidate’s CV or Cover Letter.  




Once saved, the system will add the candidate to the selected job as an incomplete application.  


The candidate will receive an email advising how to log in and complete their application.  


Convert to candidate can only be used for candidates who are not already registered in the system.

You will receive a prompt if the candidate’s email address already exists and can then choose to add their application to another job or talent pool.

Adding an interview to your corporate calendar

When you’re setting up interviews, you can Add to Corporate Calendar.  


Any interviews arranged where the Add to Corporate Calendar option has been selected, will automatically create an event in the calendar of your connected email account. 


Who will my emails be ‘from’? 


It depends on how you send the email.   


If you have connected a corporate email account to Jobtrain and use Communicate > Send Email to send an email to candidates, the email generated will be ‘from’ your connected corporate email account. 


Any automated system emails will continue to be ‘from’ your default system email address chosen at implementation, this includes. 

  • Acknowledgement emails to confirm receipt of a new application. 
  • Any emails connected to a status change like Reject after application + email. 

If a candidate replies to an email and adds attachments, do the attachments show in Jobtrain


Yes, any candidate responses containing attachments will display a paperclip icon in the subject column. To download the attachments, you can open the email and click on the download icon.


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Why isn’t a candidate's response showing in their received emails? 


If the job reference number was not included in the email subject, then it will not appear in the candidates’ received emails. Click here for more information.

Which signature is used? 

There is a new ‘Corporate Account’ option in System Settings > General Settings where you can configure a signature for any emails that are generated from your corporate email account.



The other signature is found in Settings > System Users.  Signatures saved here will automatically populate any emails generated that are not from your connected email account. 


I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.


For any questions about using Email & Calendar (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 850 2004.

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