Status Change No Email

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What is Status Change No Email?

When you update a candidate’s status where an email is attached to the status, the candidate is automatically sent the email that’s linked to the status.


This functionality provides the flexibility on whether to send the linked emails to candidates or not.


How to start using Status Change No Email

To start using this feature please contact our support team who will activate it for you.


How does it work?

There are two different ways the Status Change No Email functionality works, dependant on whether you have enabled the option to edit emails before sending.


For example, if you cannot edit emails before sending, you will see options on screen to send with or without sending email as soon as you go to change the status of the candidate.



If you can edit emails before sending, this means that you can view and edit the email that is about to be sent. On the page where you can edit the email, you will see an option to change the status to with or without the email.


An example of this would be to:

  • Go to the list of candidates against a job >
  • Select a candidate >
  • Then go to change their status to view this screen:


After clicking Next, you will have the option to make changes to the email and either change the candidate’s status, with or without sending the email. See below:


Change without sending email – Changes the candidate’s status without sending an email.

Change & send email – Changes the candidate’s status and sends the email to the candidate.


How do I know which option has been selected?

If a user changes a candidate’s status and chooses to send an email, this is captured as normal. It will show the status that the candidate has been changed to along with the email that was sent to them.



If a user changes a candidate’s status without sending an email, the history entry captures and displays that the user chose not to send an email, along with the status that the candidate has been updated to.



Bulk Status Change

This functionality is also available for Bulk Status changes.


Once the target status that is linked with an email has been selected, you will see options to update the candidate’s statuses with/without sending an email.


Again, this will be captured in the candidate’s history.




Can I restrict who has access to this functionality?

Yes, absolutely. As with most areas of Jobtrain, this functionality can be restricted in Settings > Security Roles.


This means that once the feature is enabled you can set it up so that Hiring Managers have this disabled and therefore don’t get the choice, but the HR team have it enabled and so they do get the choice.


To determine which users have the choice of updating a candidate’s status without an email.


Go to: 

  • Settings 
  • Security Roles 
  • Jobs & Talent Pools 
  • Scroll down to Change status without sending email



I’ve followed the guidance notes and have some further questions.


For any questions about using Status Change No Email (or any other Jobtrain functionality), please contact our Support Team on +44(0)161 8502004. 

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