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This functionality is designed to support our clients with managing Volume recruitment campaigns, presenting a predefined list of Specialisms and/or Locations to candidates at the application stage. 

Candidates can mark their preferred choices and recruiters can use this information to filter based on candidate preferences. This supports a more targeted shortlisting and interview arrangement process, with the ability to move the candidate seamlessly through the recruitment cycle.

Note: Please contact our Support team to arrange for this feature to be activated in your site. 

Once the feature is activated, please follow the steps in the Setup section of this guide to grant access to the relevant users and populate the specialisms.


What's included in this guide

Video guide to Bulk Recruitment


If you’d prefer to watch a video introduction to Bulk Recruitment, no problem, just follow the link below:


Bulk Recruitment video guide

Creating a Bulk Recruitment Job

Adding a Bulk Recruitment job

Go to Jobs > Add a job  

A new window will open. Copy from a job template or copy from an existing job. 

As you complete the job details tab and make your way down the page, you will see a heading for Bulk Recruitment. Turn on the toggle button at the right-hand side, this will change to a green tick and expand the page like below:


The free text box above allows you to add candidate guidance / instructions allowing the candidate to make their preference selection easier. A standard default message can be displayed here also.

For example:
“Please help us identify the types of jobs that might be best suited for you, by filling out the information below. Please select your choices in order of preference (to a maximum of three choices) or choose 'No Preference'.”

Adding Specialisms/Locations to the job 

Below the free text box, choose to enable Specialisms, Locations, or both.

  • Toggling on Specialism/Location allows you to select or search in the drop-down box, selecting your options for the job post you would like candidates to choose from when they’re completing their application.

  • After adding which Specialisms/Locations you would like candidates to be able to choose from, these will be displayed under the Specialism/Location headings as below. Select Save & Continue and fill out the job information as normal and advertise.

If you require either Specialism/Location to be a mandatory selection for candidates, turning this toggle on will make the candidate aware that it is a mandatory field during their application, but they will have the ability to select no preferences for both if they wish. Candidates will be required to select a minimum of one specialism/ location, but can select up to 3 preferences.

Candidate Management 

Reviewing candidate preferences during New Applicant stage  

To review an individual candidate preference against their profile:

  • Select a candidate and within the Application Form and the header titled Personal, scroll to the end of this section to view what preferences the candidate has selected during their application.

If a candidate decides to select “No preference” for either Location or Specialism this will show against the candidate profile as “No preference”.

Note: Anonymised shortlisters will still be able to view the candidate’s preferences.

Tip: At the top left of the job vacancy will indicate if the job vacancy has been advertised as a Bulk Recruitment Job.

Search and filter by candidate preference

  • Click on the Search / Filter button to search & filter on the candidate(s) preferences.
  • In the Specialism/Location search box, select from the drop-down menu which preference you would like to filter along with the candidate(s) order of selected preference.

Editing a candidate’s preferences on their behalf

From the candidate list in the bulk recruitment job, follow the steps below:

Click on the pencil icon to edit the application > Preferences sub tab

From here you will see which preference a candidate has selected for their specialism and location. 

Searching for Bulk Recruitment Jobs

Search Jobs

To search for a bulk recruitment job, simply go to Search > Jobs

Select Yes in the field next to Bulk Recruitment Job, then click Search. 



Enabling access to add Specialisms within Security Roles

Go to SettingsSecurity Roles

Open up the relevant security role by clicking on the name and navigate to the Settings tab.

Scroll down the page and toggle on General Setup - Specialities



Once you have selected Save users assigned to this security role will now have access to add Bulk Recruitment Specialisms.

You may need to log out and log back in again to see the changes to the security role.

Adding Specialisms/Locations within System Settings

Go to Settings > General Settings  

In General Settings, access the Locations or Bulk Recruitment Specialisms settings. If you have already added locations for all job locations, you do not need to add locations again. 

Within the Bulk Recruitment Specialisms settings, add, edit, or remove from the list of specialisms.

Enabling user access to create Bulk Recruitment jobs 


Go to SettingsSecurity Roles


Open the relevant security role by clicking on the name and navigate to the Create/Update Job(s) tab.


Scroll down the page and toggle on Bulk Recruitment Job & Candidate Instructions for Preferences.


Once you have selected Save, users assigned to this security role will now have access to add Bulk Recruitment Jobs.

You may need to log out and log back in again to see the changes to the security role.



Can I report on candidate specialisms and locations? 

Yes, you can report on Bulk Recruitment within the Advanced Insights Report Builder.

You can also search by candidates' preferred specialisms and locations within the Bulk Recruitment job

If I manually add a candidate to a Bulk Recruitment job, will I be prompted to add in the candidates preferences on their behalf? 

Yes, you will be able to add in the candidate's preferences, these will be presented at the end of the application form before the declaration.

Still have questions?

The Jobtrain Support Team or your Client Success Consultant 

will be happy to help answer any further queries.

+44(0)161 850 2004

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