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Job approvals – copy notification

For most, the job approval is vital for quick approvals by internal stakeholders. Sometimes though there’s often stakeholders that simply need to be kept in the loop but do not need to authorise. That’s why we’ve added a new feature that simply copies those stakeholders in.

To read more about how this new functionality works, please take a look at the Authorisation Users guide.

Preview the job advert

When you’re busy shortlisting candidates, we know it can be useful to reference back to the job advert too. That’s why we’ve added a Preview Advert button on the list of candidates. Read more about it here in our Managing Candidates guide.

Totaljobs Direct Apply is now live

Designed to reduce candidate drop out, our integration with Totaljobs has many elements to it and the latest of them is Direct Apply. 

Direct Apply, often referred to as one click apply, pushes data from a candidate’s Totaljobs profile into Jobtrain - a fast and simple way for candidates to apply from Totaljobs. 

For more information on this, read our Totaljobs guide here.

More search options available 

System Users search

We understand some of you will have lots of system users, so being able to find them swiftly in System Users is important. We’ve added the ability to search for users by their first name or last name using the search facility at the top of the page.

More about this and System Users can be found in this guide.

Candidate search

When you’re reviewing candidates, we’ve now added more search functionality to the quick search box when you’re on a candidate’s record. Searching by candidate name will now also include first name and last name in the results.

More about this and in Managing Candidates guide.

Keep your new hires warm before their first day

Last quarter we told you about a small but significant change we made to Green Room Onboarding. 

If you’ve yet to discover the benefits of Green Room Onboarding (organisations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70% - Glassdoor), then watch the video below, read more about it here or contact your Client Success Consultant to arrange a demo and see what you’ve been missing.


Merge fields for interview location
We’ve added a new merge field that can be used in emails sent to candidates when confirming interviews. The new merge field pulls in the full address of the Interview Location (from the calendar event) within the confirmation email to candidates.

More details are in the emails section of our Calendar Event user guide - READ IT HERE.

Search box in media libraries

Over time it’s likely you’ll accumulate lots of images, videos and text blocks in your Media Rich Adverts and Green Room Onboarding libraries. That’s why we’ve now included a search facility in both of these areas – with the search facility finding the files based on the description name.

Visit our user guide pages for more information



Uploading media in Green Room Onboarding and Media Rich Adverts made simpler

We’ve removed a step when you upload new media for your job adverts and in Green Room Onboarding. The requirement to press an Upload button has now been removed. All that’s required is to ‘browse’ your image, then press Save when you can see a preview of the image. We’ve updated our user guides for media rich adverts and the Green Room Onboarding guide – follow the links below for more detail.

Visit our user guide pages for more information



New optional email notifications added in Onboarding

We’ve added an optional feature that allows you to automatically send an email notification to your IT and/or HR teams (or any other two email addresses) when Onboarding is marked as complete for a candidate.

Visit our Onboarding user guide page for more information - READ IT HERE.

Reinstate deleted applications

If a candidate has deleted their application, then subsequently changes their mind, client users of Jobtrain, with the appropriate security permissions, can reinstate their application. The candidate will then be able to review their application, complete any further information that may be required and submit the application.

Client users can also assign a candidate to a job where they have previously deleted their application.

More information can be found on this in our user guide - READ IT HERE.

Manage your DBS checking from with Jobtrain

Did you know we are integrated with DBS Checking and background screening specialist, First Advantage? Integration with a specialist DBS checking tool allows you to carry out crucially important DBS checking online, direct from within your Jobtrain platform.

Candidates are triggered to start a new Online Disclosure application with First Advantage from Jobtrain and during the application process you’ll see updates in Jobtrain with status updates (after an application is complete, it will also display the returned disclosure details).

Watch the short video below to find out more and visit our user guide page for further detail, including a how to video.  How to manage your DBS checks through Jobtrain.

Test sites URLs have been updated

We’ve updated all our clients’ test site URLs. Where it previously included ‘test2’, this has been updated to just ‘test’, so please be aware of this if you are trying to access your Jobtrain test site by checking the URL is up to date.

For example, the old URL would have looked like this:


The new URL structure is:



JT Mobile

Specifically designed for busy Hiring Managers on the go, our new mobile version of Jobtrain enables system users to manage their day-to-day recruitment activity, all from their mobile phone. Functionality includes candidate management and search features, interview scheduling, visibility of job details, access to key contacts and new starter details and much more.

Your Client Success Consultant will be in touch with you directly regarding the set-up options for JT Mobile. 


Totaljobs Integration

Designed to reduce candidate drop out, for any clients who have an active account with Totaljobs, our integration enables clients to post jobs directly to Totaljobs from within Jobtrain, and applicants are directed automatically to your candidate site to apply. 

As a reminder, this functionality is also available for clients using reed.co.uk.

Please contact your Client Success Consultant directly to activate either Totaljobs or reed.co.uk integration. 



Facility to capture candidate reasons for withdrawing their application

Following client feedback, we have added a new feature which enables clients to capture a candidate’s reason for withdrawing their application. This useful new feature provides reportable insights as to why candidates choose to withdraw their application.

This facility is available for you to activate. Click find out more for details and set up steps.


Ability to edit the email that is automatically sent after a status change

The facility to automatically send an email to a candidate upon a status change has been a feature of Jobtrain for many years but sometimes there is a need to amend the email before it is set.  This new feature enables Jobtrain users with the appropriate permission to change the email content before it is sent to the candidate.

This facility is available for you to activate. Click find out more for details and set up steps.


Onboarding enhancement - add a signature option to your online onboarding forms

Many clients successfully use Jobtrain’s online onboarding facility to provide a quick and professional onboarding experience for their new hires.  Candidates can complete online forms as part of this process and we have added a new feature to include a signature so candidates can sign their completed forms.

This facility is available for you to activate. Click find out more for details and set up steps.


Bulk Recruitment Management

This new functionality is designed to support our clients with managing Volume recruitment campaigns, presenting a predefined list of Specialisms and/or Locations to candidates at the application stage. Candidates can mark their preferred choices and recruiters can use this information to filter based on candidates' preferences. This supports a more targeted shortlisting and interview arrangement process, with the ability to move the candidate seamlessly through the recruitment cycle.

Please contact your Client Success Consultant to arrange for this feature to be activated.


Job approval process improvements
We have made several small enhancements to our job approval process to highlight any missing information for clients using this functionality. This subtle change will remove the risk of job approval emails not being sent if any steps in the process are missed.


Ability to re-instate deleted candidate applications
Our Helpdesk team receive regular requests from clients to delete candidate records to enable them to re-apply for positions where they have previously deleted their application, or so the client can move that candidate into a job where they have previously existed. We have introduced a new feature which will enable client users with the appropriate permissions to re-instate candidate applications as required.

This functionality is available for you to activate in your live Jobtrain platform.

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